Ways To Learn About History….Without A Textbook

History can be one of the most interesting and exciting subjects you can learn about… but textbooks tend to deliver information in the dullest ways possible!
Here are some interesting ways to learn about history that are much more true to life.

Museums – There are many different types of museums that can be visited in person and virtually. Check for art, science, historical, and specialty museums. Look into getting a yearly membership so you can visit them all as often as you like. See if you can arrange for a tour.

Go To A Reenactment – Check out your community calendar for locations, dates, and times of local reenactments and plan a trip to those further away.

Visit An Old Structure – There are beautiful old buildings with amazing architecture to see in historic districts, and old period houses that have been preserved. Do a search or ask someone what’s available in your area.

Visit A House Museum In Your Area – Some areas have an old house or building you can visit for free or a low fee. It’s like stepping back into history because it often looks like it did when the place was lived in. If there is a tour available, take it so you can learn more about it.

Check Out Old Ruins – Is there an old farm or plantation you can visit in your area? Many places are turned into parks and preserves. Watch for archaeological discoveries in your area too. Plan a trip to a ruin of interest.

Visit An Old Cemetery – Walk through an old cemetery respectfully to see how long people lived.

Visit A Monument – Make a plan to visit a local monument and use the library or the Internet to learn about the history behind it. Take a tour, read books, and websites, and watch documentaries, etc..

Watch A Documentary – Many modern documentaries are very interesting and informative. Check local listings and YouTube.

Talk To Someone Older Than You – Ask questions about days gone by. Talk to a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or visit a nursing home to talk to someone older.

Listen To A Historical Storyteller – Some people tell stories about the good old days, take time to listen to what they have to say and the way they say or sing it. Libraries often bring people in, check your library to see if they have anything scheduled or make a suggestion. Check YouTube for videos that feature storytellers.

Do A Craft From An Era Of Interest – A lot can be learned about a culture via their crafts and traditions. Choose a time period and look for some craft ideas. Make traditional foods too!

Watch An Old Movie – Old black and white movies are easy to come by these days – check your local listings for programming info… Observe the language used, the way they dress, how people lived and interacted with each other, the music being played… of course you can watch something in color as well! What was life like without cell-phones, computers, and cars??? Ask someone who can explain things to you so you can gain a better understanding of the historical value of what you are seeing.

Read An Biography or An Autobiography – Reading a historical perspective can help you take a step back in time and take you to a place you wouldn’t normally be able to go. Look for graphic novels too!

Take A Step Back In Time – Visit a pioneer settlement (museum), historical village, castle, an old fort, become part of a reenactment, or go to a renaissance fair/festival etc..

Visit An Old Fort, Battleground, Landmark, etc. – Visit local sites or plan something in another state.

Go to the library, book store, or use the internet to learn about histo
rical places such as castles, ancient buildings, people, inventors, and other fascinating things.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of virtual tours of places, people, and things of interest you can check out on the Internet. 
Bring your camera with you so you can capture the things you discover.

Funschooling and Recreational Learning has a quite a few resources pages relating to history. I hope you’ll check some of them out!

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