Fun Ways To Use Toothpicks As A Learning Tool

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  • Use toothpicks to form the letters of the alphabet and words.
  • Dip a toothpick in ink or paint and draw or write with it.
  • Make toothpick pictures. Glue colored or plain toothpicks to a piece of paper.
  • Glue toothpicks together to form a solid structure such as a toothpick bridge, house, tower, etc..

  • Make 3-D toothpick structures with clay or marshmallows. Try making polyhedrons such as pyramids, chemical models, animals, and other 3-D shapes.
  • Make simple shapes with them. Simply play around with the toothpicks and see what shapes you come up with.
  • Learn some toothpick tricksThere are some fun tricks you can do with a simple toothpick.
  • Make a spinning color wheelThese are simple to make and fun to play with. You will need a light cardboard box, toothpicks, and paint or markers for this activity. Alternate the colors, draw some shapes, make crazy patterns and see what happens when you spin your wheel.
  • Play a Guesstimate game. Take few toothpicks out of their package and toss them lightly on a table, without counting them, guess how many there are and write that number down. Count how many there are and figure out the difference between what you guessed and the actual number. How close was your guess? Play a few more times and see if your guesstimating gets better the more you play.
  • Toothpick and shaker challenge. This is a great way to build fine motor skills at any age! You will need toothpicks, a cheese shaker or a container with holes on top that will allow a toothpick through it easily, a timer, and paper and pencil for this activity. To play, set a timer for 30 seconds and see how many toothpicks you can get into the container via the small holes on top within that time period. When the time is up, count the toothpicks in the container. Write down the time and the number of toothpicks. Play a few times and see how much you improve from the first try. Reduce the time allotted and challenge yourself to get as many toothpicks into the container in the fewest seconds possible. For an extra challenge, use a container with smaller holes. Snip the tips off the toothpicks if they are too sharp.
If you would like to access all the videos at once, please visit my Toothpick Playlist on YouTube. Here’s one of the videos in the list…

What are some of the fun and interesting things you like to do with toothpicks? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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