Family Activities

Funschooling News Volume #6

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Are you looking for some great family-friendly activities that will inspire you in fun ways this week? Then you’ve come to the right place!

 Be sure to scroll all the way down to the Special Days section where you’ll find a fun activity you can do each day of the week. 

Mini Marble Run

This a great activity for older kids…and younger children if they are supervised.

For this activity, you will need: Bendable straws, *metal BBs, hot glue, cereal/cracker box, a bottle cap, pencil, and plain paper

I hope something in this post brings a smile to your face!

Homeschool Humor

Still Learning Something New: 
Homeschool Humor – School Supplies Edition
Here’s a peek at what you’ll find…

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Funschooling Videos

If you have some marbles and cardboard, get ready to have some fun with them, then check out a chain and bottle puzzle!

Marble Runs

Educational Activities for Kids: Marble Run Challenge
How to make a spiral Marble Machine – cardboard toy

Wow! Amazing DIY Marble Run Machine from Cardboard

Wow! Amazing DIY Marble Run Machine without DC Motor
The Impossible Ring and Chain Bottle Puzzle!

Special Days & Holidays Aug 5-11