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I’m offering more great family-friendly activities that will help make your week a little more fun. This week’s activities include baking soda related resources. This inexpensive item can be turned into an awesome learning tool!

 Be sure to scroll all the way down to the Special Days section where you’ll find a fun activity to do or an interesting topic to learn about each day of the week. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another convenient and inexpensive item you may have in your home for science projects. If you click on the link below, you will find 13 great science experiments that are fun for all ages. 

Some experiments may require supervision.

Baking Soda Science Projects

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Still Learning Something New: Homeschool Humor
Here’s a peek at what you’ll find…

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Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated on September 26th!
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Funschooling Videos

Baking Soda

Baking soda can cause some very cool chemical reactions and produce fun or useful results. The videos below offer both fun and practical things that can be done with baking soda. For the video with ’10 baking soda hacks’, test some of the uses out to see how well they work. Some of the videos may require supervision because of the materials used in the experiments or the results. 
The last video features a math art project to do.

Baking Soda Slime 

Black Fire Snake – Amazing Science Experiment
Supervision Suggested

10 Awesome Baking Soda Life Hacks

Math Game Idea: Infinity Tiles

Printable template available on this site.

Special Days & Holidays Sept 16-22

Betty Jo, of Still Learning Something New, has posted the newest version of her September 2018 Special Days Calendar. It has a long list of famous birthdays, historical events, interesting days, monthly event and food themes, and more. 
Betty Jo and I have created a Special Days Companion filled with 120+ activities you can do as a family during the month of September. To find out more about this wonderful product, click here.

Here are a few of the things on her list and some helpful activities and links:

One of September’s themes is Preparedness. This link will take you to a resource page that will give you information about getting prepared for a storm or bad weather.

🎩September 16Illusionist David Copperfield born 1956 – This link offers a Magic Tricks Resource Page that features Copperfield and many other great magicians plus some magic tricks to learn how to do.
Watch the YouTube video that features The Magic of David Copperfield – FULL MOVIE

September 17Constitution Day – Read the constitution with the resources provided. There are videos available in this post as well.
Constitution Week Begins on the 17th as well and Still Learning Something New has some great resources such as quizzes, School House Rock videos, and more.

September 18: Cheeseburger Day –  Find out how this fun food day got its start and make some with your favorite toppings.

September 19Talk Like A Pirate Day Celebrate this fun day with the resources on this pages such as: The history of pirates, pirate crafts, and information that crosses the curriculum.
Learn how to tie knots too!
Still Learning Something New’s Pirate resources include: Biographical info, YouTube videos, night sky resources, a compass activity, and more.

September 20Artist Dale Chihuly born 1941 – Learn about this interesting artist, make a virtual macchia, watch some videos, and more.

🍌September 21Banana Festival – Read an article about the benefits of bananas and make something delicious with bananas like banana bread.

🎈September 22Scientist Michael Faraday born 1791 – Learn about this fascinating man and his important accomplishments. One of the things Faraday invented was the balloon, you’ll find info about them in the post too. 

🍁September 221st Day of Autumn/Autumnal Equinox – What is the fall equinox? Find out with the resources in this post. Check out some of the other Autumn Resources too.

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