Funschooling News #15 STEM Edition

Hi! Welcome to Funschooling News STEM Edition!

Are you looking for some inexpensive, family-friendly activities that will help make your week a little more fun and interesting? This week’s learning activities include projects that put those old CD’s to good use.

If you missed the first part of this week’s newsletter that features activities off Still Learning Something New’s September/October Special Days Calendar, you can link to it here. You’ll find a fun activity to do or an interesting topic to learn about each day of the week. 

CD Hover Craft

Play with air power!  

What You’ll Need:
 An old CD, hot glue or super glue, a pop-top water bottle cap that covers the hole in the CD, and a large balloon

CD Science Experiments

Here are some more experiments you can do with old CDs. I hope you enjoy them!

Make Rubber Band Powered Car With Recycle CD Disc – DIY Kids Projects

School Science Projects Electric Generator

Free Energy Device with Magnet 100% Free Energy – New

Sacred Geometry

Use and old CD to do math as well!
Here’s a video that features a cultural drawing.

Flower of Life : How to Draw One Using a CD/DVD or Compass

Think of some other fun things you can draw using a old CD!
Here’s another activity that can be done with circles.

Funschooling Press: On Sale This Week

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