Funschooling News #18 Special Days Edition

Special Days & Holidays For October

Betty Jo, of Still Learning Something New, has posted the newest version of her October 2018 Special Days Calendar. It has a long list of famous birthdays, historical events, interesting days, monthly event and food themes, and more.
Betty Jo and I have created a Special Days Companion filled with 120+ activities you can do as a family during the month of October. To find out more about this wonderful product, click here.
Here are a few of the things on her list and some helpful activities and links:
One of the fun food themes featured during the month of October is Popcorn Poppin’. This resource page has some fun ways to use popping corn before and after it’s popped.

🐺October 14Wolf Awareness Week – Learn about wolves and start a study with the links provided in this post.
Watch the YouTube video collection on my: Wolves Playlist
October 15I Love Lucy Premier 1951 – Take some time to learn about this classic comedy and watch some old reruns to find out why it was so popular. Maybe it will inspire you to make a funny skit of your own.
🕮October 16: Noah Webster born 1758 – In honor of Webster’s birthday, use a dictionary. Go to the suggested post to find some activities that encourage dictionary use in fun ways.

October 16th is also Dictionary Day and Learn A Word Day.

📖October 17Author Arthur Miller born 1915 – Learn about the accomplishments of this classic screenwriter and playwright. Go to the library and find some of his works. Read The Crucible by Arthur Miller (pdf).

😎October 18Alternative Fuel Day – Learn about renewable energy. TryExperiments You Can Do With The Sun

October 19Author/Illustrator Ed Emberley born 1931 – Learn about this fun and creative children’s author.

👾October 20Monster Mash Day – This song was in the #1 position…two different years! Have some fun doing the mash and learning about this fun song.
Still Learning Something New has a Monsters post that includes links to videos, treat ideas, quizzes, and other fun stuff.

I hope something in this post makes you smile!

Homeschool Humor:

Still Learning Something New: Homeschooling Humor 
Here’s a peek at what you’ll find…

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