Funschooling News #19 STEM Edition

Hi! Welcome to Funschooling News STEM Edition!

Are you looking for some inexpensive, family-friendly activities that will help make the rest of your week a little more fun and interesting? This week’s learning activities include projects that turn ordinary apples into extraordinary learning experiences.

If you missed the first part of this week’s newsletter that features activities off Still Learning Something New’s October Special Days Calendar, you can link to it here. You’ll find a fun activity to do or an interesting topic to learn about each day of the week. 

It may seem unusual to think of an apple as the focus of a STEM project, but I assure you, quite a bit can be done with apples that include science, engineering, and the math parts of STEM…and maybe even the technology part too…depending on how you look at it. I’m going to add a little chemistry into the mix this week as well! I hope you enjoy it.

Note: After doing LOTS of apple experiments with my kids and in my programs, I think it’s only fair to let you know that some apples have more iron in them than others, and that can really effect the oxidation experiments. I recommend trying a variety of apples for these types of experiments to truly find ways to stop oxidation. You will also need extra apples to snack on! 😊

Apples are a fun food to study. If you would like to make your own apple study, I offer the following resource pages: 
Apple Research Project and Apple Resources

Apple Oxidation & The Scientific Method: 
A fun, at-home science experiment

Apple Oxidation Experiment

Video: Why Do Apples Turn Brown?
What Happens When Apple Meets Magnet

Science For Kids With HudsonAlpha: Enzymes & Apple Juice

5 Delicious Apple Hacks

Apple Math, Engineering, & Technology

Use apples to do math as well!
Here are a couple of videos on how to cut an apple to make something a little more special out of it. The first is a swan and the second is a puzzle.
This is where math, engineering, and technology come together in a really fun way.
I highly recommend that you go to YouTube and put the words: ‘Apple Art‘ into the search box to see some of the amazing and fun things people have done with this ordinary fruit.

How to Make an Edible Apple Swan!

Apple Puzzle

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For more information about this puzzle please click here.
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