Funschooling News #22 Special Days Edition

Special Days & Holidays For October & November

Betty Jo, of Still Learning Something New, has posted the newest version of her October 2018 Special Days Calendar and the November Calendar can be found here. It has a long list of famous birthdays, historical events, interesting days, monthly event and food themes, and more. 

Betty Jo and I have created a Special Days Companion filled with 120+ activities you can do as a family during the month of October. To find out more about this wonderful product, click here.

Here are a few of the things on her list and some helpful activities and links:

One of the fun holidays featured during the month of October is Halloween. This resource page has some fun Halloween activities to do, and animals and foods to learn about. This post has informational resources about the history of Halloween.

Not into Halloween? Celebrate the season of Fall with some of the fun activities in the post provided.

🗽October 28Statue of Liberty dedicated 1886 – Learn about the Statue of Liberty with the video Statue of Liberty Decoded Why Was it Made? provided in the link. 

🐈October 29: Cat Day – Start your own cat study in honor of the day! Use the resources in the post provided to help get you going.

🍬October 30Candy Corn Day – Candy corn has been around for more than 100 years! Learn more about this classic candy. Find out how they are made too!

🎃October 31: All Hollows Eve/Halloween – Learn about Halloween and do some fun activities.

🚪October 31
Knock Knock Jokes Day – Have some fun telling knock knock jokes…and be sure to make up some of your own!


🐕November 1
Cook for Your Pets Day
 – Have fun planning and making treats and healthy foods for your favorite pet.

November 1: Vinegar Day – Take some time to do one of the 5 fun Experiments with vinegar offered in this post.

📙November 2Book Lovers Day – This link will give you access to Free classic ebooks on Project Gutenberg.

November 3 Poet Wm. C. Bryant born 1794 – Listen to Bryant’s works. Learn about the man here
I hope something in this post makes you chuckle!

Homeschool Humor:

Still Learning Something New: Homeschooling Humor 
Here’s a peek at what you’ll find…

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