Funschooling News #23 STEAM Edition

Hi! Welcome to Funschooling News STEAM Edition!

Are you looking for some inexpensive, family-friendly activities that will help make your week a little more fun and interesting? 
This week’s learning activities include projects that turn Pumpkins into an really cool learning tool.

If you missed the first part of this week’s newsletter that features activities off Still Learning Something New’s October Special Days Calendar and November’s Calendar, you can link to it here. You’ll find a fun activity to do or an interesting topic to learn about each day of the week. 

Pumpkins Resources

The 3 Sisters: Squash – Pumpkins

Jack O’ Lanterns

Pumpkin growth time-lapse: 
From the seed to the mature fruit in 108 days and nights

Pumpkin Carving Tips & Tricks

Professional Pumpkin Carver Jonathan Barwood Gives Carving Advice

Top 15 Best Pumpkin Carvings Ever!

Pumpkin Playlist

Pumpkin Math & Physics

How much math do you think you’d use if you were to grow a giant pumpkin? The first video shows how much work goes into growing one! 
What kind of maths would you use to construct a machine that chucks a pumpkin as far as possible?

Giant Pumpkin. Pumpkin Show – Modern Agriculture

The Physics of “Punkin Chunkin”

The idea is to chuck the pumpkin as far as possible.

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