Funschooling News #24 Special Days Edition

Special Days & Holidays For November

Betty Jo, of Still Learning Something New, has posted the newest version of her November 2018 Special Days Calendar. It has a long list of famous birthdays, historical events, interesting days, and monthly event and food themes.

November 4King Tut’s Tomb discovered 1922 – Visit a museum that has Egyptian artifacts. Watch the documentary: In Search Of History – The Mysteries of King Tut

November 5:  Doughnut Day – Whip up a batch of Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts, then watch this informative video about the history of donuts: The American History of Donuts – US 101

✅November 6Election​ ​Day​ ​(US) – Learning about the history of voting.

November 7Scientist Marie Curie born 1867 – Watch this Marie Curie Documentary to learn more about her.

🎲November 8Game Inventor Milton Bradley born 1836 – Read about this businessman and game inventor and play some of the games sold under this brand. Create a game of your own to play.

November 8: STEM & STEAM Day – 5 Ways to Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day – Tips for celebrating the day.

November 9Berlin Wall opened 1989Learn the history of the wall with the documentary: History Channel – Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall and the news report: Nov. 10, 1989: Celebration at the Berlin Wall

November 10Domino DayPlay with dominoes! Use them as a game or as a tumbling toy. This post has some great ideas.
Video: 25,000 DOMINOES: A Tribute to Domino Day

November 10: Great Wall of China opened to tourism 1970Who built the Great Wall of China? Get the facts with the site offered, and with the documentary: National Geographic – The Great Wall of China – Documentary

I hope something in this post makes you chuckle!

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