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Visible Body: 10 Facts about the Skeleton: An Overview of the Skeletal System – Learn about the human skeleton. This site offers pictures, videos, and written information.

LiveScience: Diagram of the Human Skeletal System (Infographic) – Site offers an infographic and a few brief facts. Also: The Human Skeletal System: Reference Article: Facts about the human skeletal system, its function and common skeletal diseases.

Ducksters: Bones and the Human Skeleton – Offers a small amount of information about the skeletal system, what bones are made of, fun facts and more. Also, a List of Bones.

Sheppard Software: Skeleton Tutorial – This site offers information about the human skeleton and has games to play.

DK Findout!: Skeleton and Bones – This is an interactive site. Click on the word “Skeleton” below the large skeleton picture, click on the words, “The Skeleton” highlighted in red, and it will take you to a new page. Each blinking dot offers the user a chance to gain a better understanding of the topic.

Activity Tip: Trace around a part of your body (ask someone to help you out with hard to reach places), then draw the bones that would be found in that area of the outline. Try doing an outline of your whole body too. Alternately, use clay or another medium to make bones.


Human Skeletal System

[MEDICAL] 3D Anatomy and Physiology Animations : Bones and Skeletal Muscles

Anatomy and Physiology of Axial Skeleton

How To Draw “Human Skeleton” With The Names Of Its Parts For Kids

How To Draw Human Skeleton Very Easy .by rk

How to make HUMAN SKELETON out of Clay

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