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Cranberry Resource Page

Cranberry Bog Growing Information & Health Benefits of Cranberries Wikipedia: Cranberry – Growing information, food uses, and medicinal benefits. The World’s Healthiest Foods: Cranberries – Find out the nutritional value of this food.MedicalNewsToday: Cranberries: Article – Health benefits, nutritional content, and risks. Dr. Axe: Cranberries: Article – Cranberries Benefits Are […]

Eye Exercises

Tibetan Eye Chart  Seeing.org offers information about the Bates Method and its Techniques. Wikipedia: This site has information about the Bates Method and Tibetan Eye Chart.Wellness Hour Tibetan Eye Chart Site offers a chart and instructions for use.Exercises 4 Eyes: Site offers interactive eye exercises.WikiHow: How To Exercises Your Eyes – Offers written and […]

Human Heart Resource Page

Human Heart by Becka V. The human heart is an amazing organ. Here are some resources to learn more about it.Franklin Institute: Development of the Heart – Site offers an article about the development of the heart and links to pictures of the heart, healthy and diseased. The main page […]

Strawberry Goodness

Strawberry Hull Tea by Fran W. Since ancient times every part of the strawberry plant has been used to improve health in some way! The leaves of the wild strawberry plant have been used medicinally for centuries by many different cultures to help unpleasant issues such as diarrhea, […]

Hula Hoop

Hula hoop structure by Fran W Ancient Egyptian children rolled hoops with a stick and twirled them around their hips!What can you do with a hula hoop?With a little creativity and imagination, there are many things you can do with a hoop!Here are a few you can try… […]


Green Cabbage by Fran W. Did you know…. Wild cabbage dates back to 600 BC and was used as both a food and a medicine! Activities: Red cabbage chemistry and Homemade coleslaw Activity #1 Red Cabbage Chemistry Red cabbage juice can be used to find out if a […]

Black Cats

Black Cat photo from Wikipedia In some countries, black cats are considered bad luck, while in others they are a symbol of good luck!To learn more about the history of black cats, and how and why they have a good or bad reputation, read: Wikipedia: Black Cat During […]


July is National Blueberry Month!Celebrate by making a homemade blueberry toppingYou’ll need:1c blueberries (fresh or frozen)2-3 T raw sugar or honey1/4c water1 tsp buttersalt to tasteblendersmall potWhat to do: Place blueberries, sugar, water, and salt in a blender and puree until smooth – about 1 minute. Pour mixture into a small pot and […]