Thanksgiving Jokes, Riddles, & Fun Comics

Want a fun and inexpensive Thanksgiving activity the whole family can enjoy?
Add some jokes, riddles, and fun comics to your Thanksgiving Day Fun Things To Do list!
If you plan to make the project in the Thanksgiving Turkey Games and Activities post, you can easily use jokes and riddles for your feathers.
The jokes and riddles on the sites provided below can be used or you can brainstorm your own.
Consider making place mats or place cards with jokes, riddles, and/or comics to share before dinner is served.

Enchanted Learning: Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles – This site offers a less overwhelming amount of jokes and riddles. Consider turning some of the suggestions into comics.

Boy’s Life: 45 Funny Thanksgiving Day Jokes and Comics – This site offers A LOT of jokes, riddles, and comics to choose from. The unique thing about this page, is that every so many jokes and riddles, there is a fun comic to enjoy.

Squigly’s Jokes & Riddles: Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids – This site offers a few riddles, knock, knock jokes, and a story joke.

Scary Mommy: 35+ Side-Splitting Thanksgiving Jokes You’ll Gobble Up More Than Turkey – This site offers simple jokes and riddles.

Many of these jokes and riddles overlap…I hope they’ll be able to inspire your own.

Tips For Making Your Own Jokes, Riddles, & Comics

Make a list of popular Thanksgiving icons and foods to use to inspire jokes, riddles, and comics of your own.

Use graphics, stickers, stencils, stamps, or draw your own comics. Design them on a computer or your phone. Print them out or share them electronically.

Print out a page with two or more Thanksgiving icons, such as a turkey and a pumpkin, with thought or conversation bubbles for people to fill-in in a fun way.

Work on your delivery before hand. Jokes and riddles are more fun when they are delivered in an entertaining way.

Test a few of your jokes on a family member or friend. Ask them for tips that’ll help make your delivery better, or the joke/riddle/comic more entertaining.

Consider winging it. Sit around and throw jokes and riddles out informally. Make up your own and have fun being silly with it. Encourage others to join in.

Consider putting Thanksgiving words or pictures on paper for players to choose from, and ask them to come up with a joke or a riddle about that topic, or tell one they know.

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