Egg Carton Games For All Ages

This month’s household item to learn with is an egg carton.

Egg cartons are available in different types of containers such as plastic, foam, and cardboard. They make a great game board and storage container.

Here are some of the fun games we have made with an egg carton, and brief instructions that you can tweak to fit your family’s needs.

If you would like to put a game making kit together for the following games, you will need:

Egg Cartons 12-36 Cups: Cardboard, foam, plastic

48 Small Items: Gems, stones, marbles, shells, beans, coins, small pom-poms, etc.

6+ Various Items: Small balls, coins, beads, erasers, Legos, anything that will fit in a cup and allow the top to close

Paper and something to write with


A Timer

Permanent Marker: A Sharpie type marker.


Stickers: Letter, number, character, animal, holiday icons, seasonal, etc.

Paint and a paint brush

Games To Play

An Eggcellent Game – Instructions and fun ways to play the game can be found in this post.

Mancala – This is a fun game for two players. Instructions for how to play can be found in the video provided.

To play, you will need 48 small items such as beans, marbles, stones, large seeds, etc.. two bowls and a 12 cup egg carton. A plastic egg carton is great for this game and items can be stored within it. For written instructions:

Memory Challenge: 12+ cup carton with a top, 6 or more various items, a timer, and number stickers or a permanent marker.

Set Up: Write or put number stickers on the bottom of the carton.

How to Play: Place objects in the cups any way you like, then take 30 seconds to look at their placement, close the top and try to remember where they all are.

If playing alone, write or draw your answers. If playing with others, tell someone your answer and have them tell you if you are right or wrong. You can say cup # 2 is a purple circle, etc…

Use different objects and add more as you get better at the game.

ABC Toss – Egg carton with 12-24 cups, alphabet stickers or a permanent marker with a fine tip, something to toss, such as 6 small balls, coins to flip, paper and something to write with

Set up: Put stickers or write letters randomly at the bottom of the egg cups. Be sure to have at least 2-3 vowels  (a, e, i, o, u) in your cups

How to play: 1 player tosses or flips 6 objects into the cups, all players collect the letters and write them down. Players use the letters to make at least 3 words as quickly as possible. Then the next player tosses or flips to choose letters and play continues.

Be sure at least one vowel is selected on each player’s turn. Players can decide together what letter to trade out for the vowel.

Scoring: 1 pt for 3 letter words, 2 pts for 4, 3 pts for 5 or more.

Add twists and turns to make the game more interesting.

Coming Soon

Category Toss – This game uses the ABC carton. Click on the name for instructions.

Check back for more fun games to play with egg cartons.

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