Category Toss

Use the ABC carton for this game, along with something to toss or flip into the cups, paper and something to write with.

Set Up: Choose 6-8 topics such as: Animals, People, Places, Movies, Songs, Countries, Flowers, Foods, Holiday Icons, Hobbies, Reptiles, Mammals, etc. to write down on a piece of paper.

How to play: Write down your categories in the order you would like to play them. Toss or flip your game piece into the ABC carton to choose a letter. Write a word that begins with that letter under the category for that turn.

Example: If the letter ‘B’ is chosen and the category is Animals, players can write the name of an animal that begins with the letter ‘B’.

Players can choose to eliminate the letter as a choice by leaving the flipped/tossed playing piece in it, or take it out to allow it to be used again.

Cartons with more cups will allow for more choices.

If you do not have an egg carton handy, and want to play this game, a set of alphabet cards, or some pieces of paper with letters written on them will work too. Players can decide on the theme of the game and the letters chosen.

Players should decide on the rules before you begin the game.

Try a Holiday or Seasonal Themed version too!

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