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How many words can you make from the word:


Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post.

Creative Inspirations

Words to use:

Gingerbread House & People

What can be done with the words?

These words can be used alone, or mixed and matched in any way to inspire stories, and then expressed in the form of a poem, diorama, dance, game, activity, song, musical composition, skit, a dramatic expression, shadow puppets, sculpture, a structure of some kind, or something else of the person’s choosing. 

Tips & Suggestions

Creativity is the main goal for this activity, there aren’t any limits.

Anything can be written, but don’t forget that pictures and actions can tell a story too. 

A story can be recorded with an audio/video device.

A great way to combine multiple recording methods is to narrate an illustrated story, and capture it all on an audio/video device so it can be enjoyed again later!

Use this activity inside or out!

If you need some inspiration, consider the following ideas:

Come up with dice game that makes a gingerbread house or person. Write down simple instructions.

Learn how to make homemade gingerbread or create a play-dough replacement. Record yourself baking and decorating.

Make up gingerbread man jokes.

Build/draw a gingerbread house of your own from any material you enjoy working with. Think about who lives in your house and where it is located in the world.

Make shadow puppets and come up with a story to use with them.

Be creative and have fun.

Gingerbread Word Search

How quickly can you find the 10 words in this Gingerbread word search?

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Coloring Page

Get Coloring Pages: GingerbreadChoose from a variety of pages to print.

How To Draw A Gingerbread House/Man

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