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Compare Bubble Gum Brands

Purchase a variety of bubble gum brands, including one you have not tried before, if possible. Compare them all based on the following list, and in the end, decide which one you like the best over all. Ask a friend to join in this activity so you can talk about your experiences.

Keep track of your thoughts on paper or via an audio or video device.

Use a timer or stopwatch if you want to.

Compare them by:

Flavor – How long does the flavor last?

Chewiness – Is the gum too soft, get hard to chew, fall apart?

Flexibility – How well does it form a bubble?

Stickiness – Does the gum stick to your teeth or does it offer a pleasant chewing experience?

Longevity – How long does the gum last before it falls apart/becomes hard to chew, and flavorless?


Online Activities

Online Puzzle: Mixed Flavors Bubble Gum – How long will it take you to do this online puzzle?

Coloring Pages: Bubble Gum Ball MachinePrintable coloring page.

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