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Magic Tricks Resource Page

Magic Tricks… Magic tricks are a great way to learn science and mathematics. Some tricks require good deductive reasoning and observations skills. Most require good timing skills. All of them take practice so that they can look as natural and effortless as possible while being performed.The following resources […]

Bird Watching Activities

We love to watch the birds and hear their cheerful songs throughout the day, so we do our best to make them feel as welcome as possible to keep them coming back. Having them visit each day gives us the opportunity to get to know them better. We […]

Leaf Hunting

Pack a lunch and go on a leaf hunt!Here are some items you may want to take along with you:A container to put your leaves in, a camera, drawing paper and a pencilOptional: Tree identification book, your Nature BackpackWhat to look for…Look for every tree leaf you can find! Look […]

Make Your Own: Scented Play Clay

Scented Play Clay by Fran W To make your own play dough, you will need: 1c flour ½c salt 2 tsp cream of tartar 1T oil 1c water Optional: 1 package of flavored drink mix (w/o sweeter) Ex: Strawberry, fruit punch, grape, cherry, lemon, lime, etc. Food coloring […]

Extract DNA from a Strawberry

Strawberry DNA Supplies by Fran W The following experiment will show you how to pull the DNA out of a strawberry. To do this experiment, you will need… 1 Strawberry w/o leafy top (hull) 2 tsp Dish detergent 1/2 tsp Salt1/4 c Water 8 oz Clear plastic cup […]

Observing Strawberries

Strawberries by Fran W. Use your senses to observe a strawberry! You will need: Washed strawberries with their leafy tops (hulls), a paper plate, knife, magnifying glass, paper and pencil, and colored pencils Optional: A pocket or regular microscope Use your sense of… Site Put your strawberry on […]

Make Your Own: Fun Putty

Fun Putty by Fran W. Fun putty is easy to make and a blast to play with…so why not make a batch and have a great time exploring science! To make fun putty, you will need: Glue, liquid starch, craft stick, plastic zip-top bag, 3oz cup, or a plate, food […]

Make Your Own: Nature Backpack

Nature Backpack by Fran W. If your family is going out to explore the world around them, a nature backpack is a great thing to grab as you are running out the door!You may be wondering what a nature backpack is and what’s in it?A nature backpack is bag filled with […]