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South Mountain Creamery: All About…Chestnuts – What is the difference between a sweet chestnut and a horse chestnut? Read this short article to find out! This site includes a variety of ways to cook chestnuts and offers some links for chestnut recipes.Chestnuts cooked

The Spruce Eats: How to Roast Chestnuts at Home – Gives tips for picking and storing chestnuts, how to cook and peel, and some ways to eat them.

David Ludwig: The Secret to Roasted Chestnuts – This site offers another way to prepare chestnuts, it requires a little extra work, but claims the extra step is worth it because it creates a creamy texture.

GH: 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Chestnuts – Article offers nutrition facts, health benefits, and some ways to enjoy them.

Activity Suggestion: Purchase a pound of chestnuts and experiment with a few different ways of cooking them. Compare methods. Try them in a recipe too!


The Return of the Chestnut

How to Roast Chestnuts

Harvesting Chestnuts Harvesting Chinese Chestnuts

The Amazing Thing About Chestnut Seedlings

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