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Carillon of Peter And Paul Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg Wikipedia: Bell– Etymology, history, styles of ringing, church and temple bells, bellfounding and more. Also,Campanology – The study of bells.Owlcation: Interesting Facts About the History of Bells – Article includes information about: Introduction of Bells Across the World, How Were Bells […]

Oysters & Pearls

Wikipedia: Oyster – Information about salt-water bivalve molluscs – types, anatomy, etc..Pearl – Information about the gemstone, pearl. Etymology, definition, physical properties, fresh and saltwater pearls, creation and much more. American Pearl: A Brief History of Pearls: How Pearls are Harvested – Article about harvesting pearls, early history of pearl harvesting, and […]

Mummies & Mummification

British Museum Discover Magazine: The Chemistry of . . . Mummies – Article – From the site: The secret ingredients used by Egyptian embalmers are revealed at last.My Learning: A Step by Step guide to Egyptian Mummification – Offers a step by step process of mummification and pictures of Ancient Egyptian art. Use […]

Chocolate Resource Page

Chocolate Information & Articles Exploratorium: Chocolate – Discover…..The sweet science of chocolate. This is an excellent place to begin your study of chocolate! Science Museum of Minnesota: Where are cacao trees grown? Find out here.Field Museum: Chocolate – History, activities, process of making and much more.Cornell University: Chocolate: Food of the Gods. There is a lot of […]

Labor Day Resources

Fun Activity Ideas Talk about some of the things your kids what to be and do when they grow up. Adults, talk about the jobs you’ve had and what you liked or disliked about them. Talk about some of the things you wanted to do, but haven’t had the […]

US Navy

USS Boston (CA-69) Wikipedia: History of the United States Navy – Foundations of the “Old Navy”, “New Navy”, and Modern Era.America’s Navy: A Powerful Presence Through The Years – Offers a historical timeline of America’s Navy and Navy Reserve. Learn about careers and jobs too.Naval history and Heritage Command – Trivia, […]

SOS International Code

Mental Floss: SOS – What Does SOS Stand For? – Background info about the SOS code and how it became an international code.BoatSaftey: SOS – What is the Meaning of SOS? – A marine perspective of what the SOS code means. Wikipedia: SOS – Information about the international Morse Code distress signal. Offers an example.The following […]

Ford’s Model ‘T’

1909 Touring EyeWitness To History.com: Henry Ford Changes the World, 1908 – Article about the making of the Model ‘T’.Wikipedia: Ford Model T – Information about the car, production and more. Includes a gallery.History: This Day in History: 1908 Ford Motor Company Unveils the Model T and Model […]

Pirate Resource Page

Pirate Info Pirates Info: History of Pirates  – Famous pirates, history of and more.New England Pirate Museum – Educational info and activities for elementary-high school levels.National Geographic: PiratesPirates of the Caribbean – Pirate Problems – Pirates and Piracy Pirate Crafts and Activities First School: Pirate Coloring PagesMagic Mural Factory: How to Create a Pirate Themed Bedroom – Murals, portholes, […]

Johnny Appleseed Resource Page

American Storyteller: The Story of Johnny Appleseed – Use the arrows to scroll through the short article segments. Virginia Apples: Johnny Appleseed- A Pioneer – Click on “Read More” to access a FREE Johnny Appleseed Curriculum for grades K-5th in a printable PDF format. It has coloring pages, music, stories, poems […]