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Michael Faraday

Wikipedia: Michael Faraday – Biographical information and scientific accomplishments.BBC: History: Michael Faraday – An encyclopedic article about his life and accomplishments.Famous Scientists: Michael Faraday – Offers a longer article and a time line of his accomplishments and discoveries.Fran’s World of Discovery: Balloons – Information about balloons and instructions for the game Balloon Badminton.YouTube: Michael Faraday […]

Great Fire of London

Luminarium: The Great Fire of London, 1666 – Written history of the the fire. Offers a few pictures as well.History.com: Great Fire of London Begins, 1666 – A brief history of the event. Wikipedia: Great Fire of London – Information and pictures about the event.Redcross: Fire Safety – […]

Sewing Machine

Smithsonian: The Many, Many Designs of the Sewing Machine – Information, pictures, and illustrations about the origins of the sewing machine.TimeToast: History of the Sewing Machine – Offers a timeline of the history of the sewing machine. Click on each date to get more information.Wikipedia: Sewing Machine – Offers […]

Joshua Lionel Cowen

Joshua Lionel Cowen Wikipedia: Joshua Lionel Cowen – Read about the American inventor who co-founded Lionel Corporation.The Great Idea Finder: Joshua Lionel Cowen – Site offers biographical information and timeline of the man’s life.Lionel: About Lionel – A short biography about Joshua Lionel Cowen and a History of Lionel […]

Annie Oakley

Wikipedia:  Annie Oakley – Early life, debut and marriage, career and touring, shooting prowess, and more. Includes photos.Buffalo Bill Center of the West:  Annie Oakley – Biographical information and a short video.Biography: Annie Oakley – Offers a short bit of information and a short video.History: 10 Things You May Not Know About Annie Oakley – 10 Short […]


Photo By Marco Verch Wikipedia: Lighthouse – The history of lighthouses, technology, building, Fresnel lens and the History of lighthouses.symbolism and more. Plus the The Lighthouse Directory -Provides links and information for more than 19,300 of the world’s lighthouses.New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide – History, tour info, original photography, […]

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong NASA: Neil Armstrong – Biography of Neil Armstrong. The panel to the left has more information about his life and related information.  History: Neil Armstrong – Site offers short video clips and written information.Bio: Neil Armstrong – Site offers a short video and written information.Wikipedia: Neil Armstrong – Information about the life of Neil Armstrong.Activity Village: Neil […]


Wikipedia: Spiderman Wikipedia: Spiderman – Information about Marvel’s fictional superhero, Spiderman: Creator info, publication info, biography, powers and more. Also, information about Stan Lee. Marvel: Spiderman – Biographical information about Spiderman.DLTK: Spiderman Coloring Pages – Printable!Coloring WS: Spiderman Coloring Pages – Offers 9 printable pages.Coloring Book: Spiderman Coloring Pages – Site offers 72 […]

Where Did The Crayon Come From?

Who invented the first crayon? Crayola: Who Invented The Crayon?America Comes Alive The Inventors of Crayons: Binney & SmithKids Discover: How Colored Crayons for Kids Were InventedIdea Finder: Crayon – Information about the history of crayons.Wikipedia: Crayon – History of, list of American crayon makers, and artists. How are crayons made? Science Channel: How Crayons […]

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver Inventions: Inventor’s Resources: George Washington Carver’s Inventions – Site offers a little bit of information about Carver’s inventions.National Parks Service: George Washington Carver – Museum ExhibitTuskegee University: George Washington Carver – Find out about Carver’s experiments and other some of the things he made with peanuts and sweet potatoes. Selected recipes can be found here. About: Inventors: George […]