Recycle Challenge: Water Bottle Challenge 

Before you throw that water bottle away, or toss it into the recycle bin, think of some fun and useful ways to give it a new purpose. Use a small water bottle or a gallon size.

Make sure you clean it out well and allow it to dry completely if you plan to store anything in it.

Tip: A little soapy water will clean it out, to remove odors, a little vinegar or baking soda can help eliminate it.

Here is a list of challenges, please choose as many as you would like to do:

· Use it to plant something that can grow during the fall season. (Gallon size plus would be best for this project.)

· Make a game: With one bottle.

· Make a game: With multiple bottles.

· Make a toy

· A science experiment

· A craft project

· Make a home for an imaginary creature

· A flip bottle game

· A bird feeder

· Storage container

· Some other practical thing

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Button Fun Page

Finish The Phrase

Button Word Scramble

Unscramble the button related words below.

Button Related Activities

Buttons come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be purchased at garage sales and craft stores.

If you purchase them from a garage sale, check an antique/collectables book because some are worth quite a bit of money.

Button Craft Ideas

Use a variety of buttons and plastic coated wire to make a puppet or a doll.

Turn an old sock into a puppet by adding buttons to the face, for a necklace, and other things.

Hot glue buttons together to make flowers, butterflies, fish, and other creative items.

Use them to decorate a frame, pillow, clothing, and other fun things.

Glue buttons randomly to a piece of poster board or white cardboard and incorporate them into a picture or doodle.

Think of some fun ways to use buttons as game pieces, such as Tic-Tac-Toe.

Need more more ideas? Do a quick search for Button Crafts and click images to see more creative things you can do with buttons.

Button Trivia

Where was the oldest button discovered and what was it made from?

How have buttons been used through the ages?

What have buttons been made with through the ages?

How many different types of buttons are there?

What might a vintage button be worth?

Online Puzzle

Online Puzzle: Buttons – How long will it take you to do this online puzzle?


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Paper Clip Fun Page

How many words can you make from the words:


Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post.

Creativity Challenge

Think of 10 purposeful things you can do with paper clips.

Try your ideas out to see if they they work.

Paper Clip Fill-In

Fit the words into the skeleton.

Make Your Own Puzzle

Instructables: Puzzle Made of Paper Clips – Make a puzzle to give to someone to solve.


Video is not in English.
Adult Supervision is advised.

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Learning with Ordinary Household Items – Use regular items from around the house to help create an excellent educational experience. This is an ongoing project.

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Egg Carton Games For All Ages

This month’s household item to learn with is an egg carton.

Egg cartons are available in different types of containers such as plastic, foam, and cardboard. They make a great game board and storage container.

Here are some of the fun games we have made with an egg carton, and brief instructions that you can tweak to fit your family’s needs.

If you would like to put a game making kit together for the following games, you will need:

Egg Cartons 12-36 Cups: Cardboard, foam, plastic

48 Small Items: Gems, stones, marbles, shells, beans, coins, small pom-poms, etc.

6+ Various Items: Small balls, coins, beads, erasers, Legos, anything that will fit in a cup and allow the top to close

Paper and something to write with


A Timer

Permanent Marker: A Sharpie type marker.


Stickers: Letter, number, character, animal, holiday icons, seasonal, etc.

Paint and a paint brush

Games To Play

An Eggcellent Game – Instructions and fun ways to play the game can be found in this post.

Mancala – This is a fun game for two players. Instructions for how to play can be found in the video provided.

To play, you will need 48 small items such as beans, marbles, stones, large seeds, etc.. two bowls and a 12 cup egg carton. A plastic egg carton is great for this game and items can be stored within it. For written instructions:

Memory Challenge: 12+ cup carton with a top, 6 or more various items, a timer, and number stickers or a permanent marker.

Set Up: Write or put number stickers on the bottom of the carton.

How to Play: Place objects in the cups any way you like, then take 30 seconds to look at their placement, close the top and try to remember where they all are.

If playing alone, write or draw your answers. If playing with others, tell someone your answer and have them tell you if you are right or wrong. You can say cup # 2 is a purple circle, etc…

Use different objects and add more as you get better at the game.

ABC Toss – Egg carton with 12-24 cups, alphabet stickers or a permanent marker with a fine tip, something to toss, such as 6 small balls, coins to flip, paper and something to write with

Set up: Put stickers or write letters randomly at the bottom of the egg cups. Be sure to have at least 2-3 vowels  (a, e, i, o, u) in your cups

How to play: 1 player tosses or flips 6 objects into the cups, all players collect the letters and write them down. Players use the letters to make at least 3 words as quickly as possible. Then the next player tosses or flips to choose letters and play continues.

Be sure at least one vowel is selected on each player’s turn. Players can decide together what letter to trade out for the vowel.

Scoring: 1 pt for 3 letter words, 2 pts for 4, 3 pts for 5 or more.

Add twists and turns to make the game more interesting.

Coming Soon

Category Toss – This game uses the ABC carton. Click on the name for instructions.

Check back for more fun games to play with egg cartons.

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Fun Things You Can Do With Old Playing Cards

Before you throw away that old deck of playing cards, take a minute to think about how they can be reused in some useful or fun way. This post offers some interesting ideas.

A set of old playing cards does not have to be full in order for them to be useful and fun.

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Cardstacker – Meet Bryan Berg, a professional cardstacker who builds huge structures with decks of playing cards…without glue!

Card Flipping Challenge – Can you predict and control how your cards flip?

Cup and Card Stacking – Use playing cards with stacking cups. How high can you stack cups with cards between each one. Cards can be used to tell players how many cups they need to stack. Take out lower cards to make it more challenging for players. Challenge players to pull the cards out so the cups slide back into each other to form a neat stack.

Creative DIY Projects Made With Playing Cards – This site offers pictures and links for craft ideas made with old playing cards.

Artists Helping Children – This site offers some fun things to make with old playing cards.


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Summertime Fun: August, Volume 1

Mini Marble Run – Make a mini marble run with straws and B.B.s
Creative Inspirations #3 – Take time to get creative with the two words offered for the month.
Soda Pop Project – Learn how soda got its start and make some delicious concoctions of your own!

Bottle Roll Bullseye – An open-ended game.

Ideas For Homemade Water & Nerf Gun Targets – 8 Ideas for making your own targets with recycled items.
Think Quick: ABC Version – This game will keep you on your mental toes!
Roll-N-Score – A game made with a box or milk carton.
Pop & Play Dart GameThis dart game has a little twist to make it more fun.
Carton CreationsTurn a milk carton into a whole new creation…suggestions offered.

Hoop TossA fun game to play indoors or out!

Heads-Up Coil Flips & TricksHow nimble are your fingers and how quick are your hands? Find out with these activities!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand WordsUse a picture to inspire a story.

Last One StandingA strategy game the grows with the players and gets more challenging.

Animal TrackerLearn how to identify signs of animal life in lots of different places!

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