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Celebrate The Season of Spring!

What is Spring? Wikipedia: Spring (Season) – Information about the season of spring and natural and cultural events celebrated by different countries. Living Science: Spring: Season of New Beginnings – Information about the spring equinox and how it works in each hemisphere. Fun Spring Activities eThemes: Spring –  Information is geared toward grades […]

When To Plant

Tomatoes Anytime of the Year Urban Farmer: What to Plant Now Almanac: Gardening  Click on ‘Personalized Planting Calendar‘, type in your zip code to find out what and when to grow, and when to harvest. Spring & SummerArticles & InformationAbout: Organic Gardening: Vegetable & Herbs To Plant In August Reader’s Digest: 11 […]


If you are looking for fun ways to celebrate the season of Summer, try a few of the following activities that can be found on Fran’s World of Discovery… *Celebrate Summer! – What do you do to celebrate the summer season? Use the activity suggestion to help make […]

Word Games – December

I hear a lot parents say that they would like to use a more relaxed approach when it comes to educating their kids, and the month of December is a great time to begin doing that. With all the festive things to do around town and fun activities […]

Fall Cut-Outs

Fall Cut-Out by Fran W. Fall cut-outs are a fun and creative way to accent a window or a wall.To make a cut-out, you will need: Construction paper, a craft knife, pencil, tissue paper, glue and tape What to do… Draw a picture on one side of your construction paper […]

Fall Leaves

Did you know… Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color, carotenoid gives them an orange color, xanthophylls give a yellow color, anthocyanin gives a red color and tannin gives a brown color. Question…During the summer we see green leaves. Leaves change colors in the fall…or do they? How and […]

Fall Holidays and Events

Fall Activities that can be found on Funschooling & Recreational LearningSeptember 22 Autumn Equinox26 Johnny Appleseed DayApple activities  October 8 Columbus Day 31 HalloweenHalloween activities November  1  Day of the Dead  1  All Saints Day   2  All Souls Day6 Election DayLearn about Voting, Victoria Woodhull, Women’s Suffrage Movement 11 Veterans Day/Remembrance Day 22 ThanksgivingThanksgiving […]


Fall Leaves by Fran W. Autumn begins in the Northern Hemisphere between September 22nd and 24th each year, and as the green leaves fade away, we are left with the beautifully colored leaves of fall. The weather will grow colder, signs for seasonal festivals and celebrations will pop-up around […]

Fall Equinox

Learn More…PBS: SeasonsPBS offers a video about the seasons.Wikipedia: September EquinoxInformation about the September EquinoxeTheme: EquinoxThis site offers a few different educational sites related to the equinox. Fall activities on Fran’s World of Discovery Autumn/Fall Mini Research Project Leaf ActivitiesLeaf experiments, information and activities.Apple Research ProjectApple facts, leading questions, links […]

Winter Solstice

Luminaries by Fran W. Did you know…The winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night of the year and marks the first day of winter! Activity: Make a luminary Help light your way during the longest night of the year! You will need… A clean plastic […]