Fall Equinox

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PBS: Seasons
PBS offers a video about the seasons.

Wikipedia: September Equinox
Information about the September Equinox

eTheme: Equinox
This site offers a few different educational sites related to the equinox.

Fall activities on Fran’s World of Discovery

Mini Research Project

Leaf Activities
Leaf experiments, information and activities.

Apple Research Project
Apple facts, leading questions, links to sites, videos, and activities.

Fall Holidays and Events
List of basic holidays and links to activities and information.



4 responses to “Fall Equinox”

  1. Jess Benoit Avatar

    This is an awesome lists! Thanks so much for putting it all together & linking it up at the Geeky Educational Link Up!

  2. Meagan Goepferich Avatar

    I love your lists each week. Thanks for sharing them at the Geeky Educational Link Up!

  3. Fran W Avatar

    Thank you, Jess! It's a great link up!

  4. Fran W Avatar

    Thank you, Meagan! The Geeky Educational Link Up is a wonderful resource!

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