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Western Sushi photo from Wikipedia Did you know…Sushi means vinegared rice in JapaneseActivity of the day: Learn How to Make Your Own SushiYou will need: Roasted Nori, rice, rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar This video will show you how to make the sushi rice correctly.Note: Kombu seaweed is optionalHere […]


Orange, green, pink, yellow and blue fireworks in Kurume, JapanPhoto from Wikipedia Did you know…The Chinese invented fireworks in the seventh century.Activity 1: Write the Chinese symbol for ‘fireworks’ You will need:Watercolor paint, paint brush, paper and the Chinese symbol for fireworkDirections: Dip the paint brush in watercolor and practice painting the Chinese symbol on […]

United States Flag

Oil painting 39 US historical flags  photo author Zimand Did you know…The United States flag should never touch the ground.If the U.S. flag is to be displayed at night, it should be illuminated.Make an American FlagYou will need:Construction paper in red, white and blue, white or silver star stickers, glue, […]

The Declaration of Independence

1823 Facsimile of the Engrossed Copy Did you know. . .  The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson and edited by Benjamin Franklin?The Declaration of IndependencePrint a copy of the Declaration Of Independence and read it or listen to a reading of the here.The following videos are about the Declaration […]