Labor Day Resources

Fun Activity Ideas
  • Talk about some of the things your kids what to be and do when they grow up.
  • Adults, talk about the jobs you’ve had and what you liked or disliked about them. Talk about some of the things you wanted to do, but haven’t had the chance to do….yet. Include your dreams.
  • Discuss the jobs family members have had and currently have.
  • Talk about jobs that already exist, ones that no longer exist, and jobs of the future. Talk about why these jobs no longer exist or why they will be needed.
  • Discuss labor unions.
  • *Challenge yourselves to create an A-Z list of jobs. Take turns writing down family jobs or the jobs your kids can think of. (Even the “silly” ones.) Futuristic jobs should be added to the list as well. Encourage creativity and keep it fun.
  • Research Project: Look up jobs that no longer exist and what happened to them.

* Use a lined piece of paper for this activity or download and print the free
A-Z Brainstorming Page from The Notebooking Fairy

How To Record This Activity

These activities cover: 
Social Studies: Community helpers, careers, and holidays.
History: Researching jobs that no longer exist.
Language Skills Include: Speaking, listening, spelling and writing skills when applicable.

Research Project: Research skills, historical information, social studies or cultural changes, and perhaps writing.

Online Resources

Crayola: Labor Day Coloring Pages

Wikipedia: Labor Day – Info includes: History, celebration, unofficial ed of summer, and more. Labor Day Activities – Offers a list of ideas for different ages. 

Enchanted Learning: Labor Day Crafts, Activities and Worksheets: Some printables may require a membership to access.

US Dept of Labor: History of Labor Day: What it means, Legislation, Founder info and more.

Student Handouts: Labor Day Word Search Puzzle – Free printable puzzle.

BigActivities: Labor Day – Word Searches – Site offers a variety of puzzles with different levels of difficulty.

Labor Day Facts for Kids | Learning Video

History of the Holidays: Labor Day | History

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