What’s In A Name? – Game

What’s in a name? Play this fun word game and find out!
Set-up: You’ll need enough bottle caps or index cards to spell out each players first name (full) and either letter stickers or a permanent marker. 
Place a letter sticker or write a letter under each cap, or write one letter on each card that spells out the player’s name, or a the name of someone or something important to them.
Play: Have players spell out their own name by putting the caps/cards in the correct order. Then play with the letters in order to form other words, real or not, and say the word or someone can say it for a non-reader. If the chosen name can not spell another word, or spells too few words, add a middle or last name to the game.
Occasionally, we will play a version of the game where each player chooses a consonant, a vowel and another consonant to form a word, real or not, and we sound it out to the best of our ability. If it is not a word, we exchange letters until a “real” word is formed. Letters can be shared in this version to form new words as well.
Benefits: Players will get to know how to spell their own name and names that are important to them, they will get to know the letters they play with, and gain an understanding of how letters form words and that each letter, and letter combination, has a sound, or a combination of sounds. They will get to know what a consonant and a vowel is if that version of the game is played.
Tips and Suggestions…
  • This is a game and it should be played in an informal, experimental way that is not stressful. 
  • Players can choose to write the words the letters spell on a piece of paper to keep track of what words have been made. I usually write all the words down on a piece of paper and hold on to it.
When players are ready, play the game Words within Words. This game offers a few ways to play that make the game more challenging.
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