8 Ideas For Homemade Water & Nerf Gun Targets

If your kids enjoy playing with water or Nerf-type guns, it can be a lot of fun to
make your own targets with recycled items.
Tip: A spray bottle or a pom-pom shooter can be used as well.

Here are a few homemade target suggestions:

Water Balloons – Blow up a bunch of water balloons, tie a length of yarn to each one end and then to a tree branch or someplace it can hang down.

Spinning Disks – This uses recycled lids from bottles and containers. Pop a hole in the top of each lid and hang them with yarn. Alternately, a hole can be made in the middle of a lid, and a length of yarn can be strung through it to see how many shots it takes to get from one side of an object to another.

Recycled Cups & Cans – Stack them up in a pyramid shape and knock them down or string some cups between two objects and see how many shots it takes to get them from one side to the other.

Cardboard Tube – Cardboard tubes can be stacked or lined up and knocked down.

Beach Balls or Large Balloons – How many shots does it take for a beach ball, or a punch balloon, to get to the finish line?

Water Bottles & Ping Pong Balls – Shoot a ping pong ball off the top of a water bottle, then knock down the bottle!

Plastic Eggs – Hang plastic eggs to shoot at.

Make an obstacle course with any of these items or ones you come up with on your own.

Spark their creativity! Offer your kids some supplies and a challenge them to make their own unique targets to shoot at.

Please share your target ideas in the comments below!

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