Inspiring People: Cardstacker


Photo by Kevin Lam from Vancouver, Canada
Guinness World Record holder, Bryan Berg is a self-taught cardstacker. He builds amazing structures out of plain old playing cards.
He doesn’t bend or fold the cards, nor does he use tape or glue to keep them together. 
You have got to see the AWESOME things he can build in order to believe it!



Guinness World Record Holder Bryan Berg
Visit Bryan’s official website to learn how he builds these amazing structures

It may be a good idea to have a deck or two of playing cards handy, because after watching the inspiring works of art done by this gentleman, viewers will want to recreate some of the stunning structures that they see! Some viewers may even be inspired enough to create their own amazing structures!

Tip: Have a recording device handy so that you can capture the budding cardstacker while they are creating a work of art! Take pictures and/or video footage at every stage, and even in between! Use the time-lapse option on your video camera for quicker viewing later on.

 Updated 2020
How This Guy Stacks Playing Cards Impossibly High | Obsessed | WIRED

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