Tag: Spatial awareness

  • Pentominoes


    Pentominoes are a tiling puzzle used in recreational mathematics. Each of the twelve (12) pieces are made with 5 equal squares that are meant to resemble the Latin alphabet. These pieces can be put together in thousands of ways in order to fill in a variety of areas in puzzle-like ways such as: 3×3, 4×4, 5×3, 3×20, etc.. Real-World Benefits […]

  • Holiday and Winter Origami

    Holiday and Winter Origami

        We started having fun folding paper when my oldest child was about 6 years old and we’ve been finding ways to incorporate it into our lives ever since. One year we added origami presents and cranes to a Christmas tree, another we offered a bunch of holiday related folding projects for a craft program to […]

  • Make Your Own: Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

    Make Your Own: Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

        Tic-Tac-Toe (Crosses & Naughts)Strategy games have been around for centuries and were often made with or from natural items.Strategy games are great for building critical thinking skills because players need to observe the game so they can block the other players and take advantage of moves in order to win the game. They’re […]

  • Inspiring People: Cardstacker

    Inspiring People: Cardstacker

      Photo by Kevin Lam from Vancouver, Canada Guinness World Record holder, Bryan Berg is a self-taught cardstacker. He builds amazing structures out of plain old playing cards. He doesn’t bend or fold the cards, nor does he use tape or glue to keep them together.  You have got to see the AWESOME things he […]

  • Bats

    Big-eared townsend-fledermaus from blm.gov Did you know… The saying, “blind as a bat” is very misleading because none of the over 1200 species of bats are blind! Activity: Sound GamesTo do today’s activities you will need:A timer that beeps for a little while after going off and a blind foldGame 1: Where is it?You will need a timer for […]

  • Tangrams


    Did you know… There are seven game pieces used for tangram puzzles and over 5,900 patterns that can be made from them! Activity: Make Tangram Puzzles You will need: Tangram puzzle pieces Tangram puzzle patterns Card stock paper Pencil Ruler Scissors Colored pencils or crayons – optional Index cards that will fit the size of your finished puzzles Print out or construct your puzzle […]