Spark of the Day: Symbols of Fall: Twist Balloons

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Twist balloon pumpkin by Fran W.

We enjoy decorating our home for the fall holidays each year and this year we decided to incorporate twist balloons into our holiday because they can be turned into so many creative things!

We are planning to make…

Pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, cats, turkeys, a cornucopia, and anything else we can think of at the time and want to try.

We want to make sure everyone can participate in decorating the house, so we made a very simple pumpkin with the balloons. 

If you would like to make a simple twist balloon pumpkin, you will need…

A package of twist balloons and a hand held balloon pump

Optional: A small balloon to place inside the pumpkin, and a scissor

Tip: Twist balloons can be purchased in a party store.

What to do…

If you need some basic twisting lessons, you can view the following 1:36 minute video, ‘Kids Learn Balloon Twist’.

Set up…

– Stretch 2 twist balloons. Fill the balloon you plan to use for the body full of air (I used orange), leaving some room at the tip, and then tie the end off. The second balloon, acting as the stem (I used green), 
only needs a small amount of air. 
Optional: A small regular balloon can be filled and set side. 

Pumpkin body:

– Using the orange balloon, fold it in half 
evenly, find the center, and twist the middle a few times to keep it in place. You will have two sides.

– Fold the two sides evenly in half again, find the center, and twist them together a few times to keep the fold in place. You should have 4 equal lengths of balloon.

– To form the body, bring all the sides together so that they form an oval, tie the loose ends to one another and tuck them into the folds to hide them. The tied end will act as the top of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin stem:

The stem can be attached one of two ways:

1. Twist the non-inflated part of the green balloon, closest to the filled side, around and through the top of the pumpkin body until tight, and tie it off.

2. Alternately, the long non-inflated part of the balloon can be twisted around and through the top a couple of times, brought down through the middle of the body, wrapped around the bottom of the pumpkin, and the extra length hidden in the folds, or tied off.

A small balloon can be place in the center of the pumpkin body if the middle is left open.

Tip: If the non-inflated part of the balloon stem is too long, tie it off and snip off the excess with a scissor.

Getting inspired…

When we need a little inspiration, a quick search on YouTube usually produces what we need. 

To make the following twist balloon Halloween decorations, you will need:

Twist and regular balloons, pump (optional but very helpful!), permanent marker, yarn or string for hanging, and scissors


This 4:15 minute video will show you how to make a pumpkin that is fuller than the one suggested above.


Ghost Bracelet

The video will show you how to make a cute ghost bracelet. You will need a water balloon for the head of this ghost and twist balloons for the body and connecting bracelet.

If you would like to see some of the other Halloween twist balloon videos that we found, please click here to access the YouTube playlist I made.
Thanksgiving Turkey

You will need twist balloons to make the turkey featured in the following YouTube videos:

Part 1: Turkey 9:56

Part 2: Turkey 7:46
I hope you enjoy twisting balloons into fall holiday shapes!