Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities by Fran W.

Thanksgiving – Connect to all the activities under this label to see a picture and begin reading the activity.

Three Sister Mat

An Introduction to the Three Sisters – Learn about the Three Sisters, companion planting and make a craft that features the sisters that can be used as a placemat or centerpiece.

Three Sisters: Corn – The first sister – Learn the Native American word for corn, link to corn related activities and instructions for a delicious homemade cornbread.

Colonial Pumpkin Pie

Three Sisters: Beans – The second sister – Bean experiments, recipe: Mixed Bean Soup, links to other bean related resources.

Three Sisters: Pumpkin – The third sister – Learn how colonists made pumpkin pie right in the shell, ideas for adding a modern twist topping, and pumpkin related resources.

Apple Research Project – Where are apples grown around the world and how? The resources on this page will answer these questions and others. Plus you will find experiments and a recipe for apple cider that tastes like warm apple pie in a glass!

Popcorn Project – How much fluffy popcorn can you get from a tablespoon of kernels or a 1/4 c? This project has learning suggestions, volume experiments, some fun ways to enjoy the final product and learning resources.

Turkey Cut-out

Fall Cut-Outs – Decorate your windows or walls with a Thanksgiving or Harvest theme.

Harvest/Thanksgiving Lantern

A Brand New World – What would it be like to travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving? This activity offers guided questions to help you on your journey.

Harvest/Thanksgiving Lantern – Instructions for making a lantern with a Harvest or Thanksgiving theme. Makes a great centerpiece too!

Turkey Games and Activities

Turkey Game and Activities – Make a turkey container and play Thanksgiving related games with it. Template, instructions and suggestions include.

History of Thanksgiving – Make a Thanksgiving centerpiece of thanks, learn the history of the holiday and find links to Thanksgiving related resources.

Family Turkey Keepsake

The Mayflower – Learn about the Mayflower’s journey, find Mayflower related resources and learn how to draw the Mayflower as a cartoon.

Wild Turkeys – Learn about wild turkeys, link to turkey resources and make a family turkey craft.

Balloon twist turkey – Learn how to make a turkey or a pumpkin with twist balloons. Scroll down to get to the activity.

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