Word Hop

Once a person is familiar with the alphabet, or with certain letters, put large letter tiles made from foam or cardboard on the floor and have them hop from letter to letter to form small words on their own. Someone can suggest a word, or picture/word cards can be made or used to go with this game. As the player steps on the letter, have them say it so they can learn how to spell the word. Someone can tell the player the order of the letters if needed, or they can try working it out their own first. 
The word can be acted out once it has been spelled correctly, when possible.
Play for as long as there is an interest in the game.
Other versions…
Version #2: The large letter tiles can form words by hand instead of being hopped on.
Version #3: The sound of the letter can be said as well as the name of the letter.
Version #4: Play this game outside by drawing letters with chalk.
Word Hop is fun for all ages!
Note: We play with large foam letters purchased from a toy store.

Benefits: Letter recognition, word formation, large motor skills are used, letter-sound recognition (when played that way) and fine motor skills are used (when hand version is played).

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