Halloween Activities

Halloween Related Activities on Funschooling & Recreational Learning

Covering the Basics

Create A Spooky Sound Story – Make up a spooky sound story or sentence and add sound effects to it!

Two-Sided Diorama – This activity features the poem, “The Five Little Pumpkins”.

Create A Scary Creature – Suggestions for creating a scary creature. Great for encouraging story telling!

Masquerade Masks – Learn about the history of masquerade masks and download printable masks.

Haunted Halloween Resource Page – Links to haunted places and information about the 13 Haunted Halloween Activities ebook. Free sample of ebook available.

Trick or Treating – Learn the history of trick or treating and make soul cakes.

Jack ‘O Lantern – Find out the origins of the Jack ‘O Lantern, play a game of Pumpkin Face and get inspired to carve your own.

Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Putty – Easy to make putty that glows…A fun way to play with science.

Glowing Halloween Lantern – Turn a recycled milk or juice carton into a creep-cool Halloween lantern…..Great math activity!

Scavenger Hunt & Memory Maker – Ideas for making your own Halloween scavenger hunt and suggested activities for what to do with your Halloween pictures.

Monster Mash – Find out the history of this song, listen to it and learn a dance for it.

Spooky Authors

Bram Stoker’s DraculaLearn about the man who wrote Dracula and read or listen to the book.

Edgar Allan Poe – Learn about the man who wrote classic short stories and poems such as, “The Raven”, “Tell Tale Heart”, and “The Gold Bug” and read or listen to these and other timeless tales.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – Find out how Frankenstein was inspired and a little about Shelley’s life. Read or listen to the book as well.

Washington Irving – Known for his classic stories, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle”, find out more about the man who wrote them and read or listen to his stories.

Fun Foods

Chocolate Activities
Chocolate Activities – A collections of fun things you can make and do with chocolate.

Halloween Themed PizzaFun ways to enjoy pizza for a variety of dietary needs.

Popcorn Project – Activities you can do with popcorn and some yummy ways to enjoy it.

Trick or Treating – Learn the history of trick or treating and make soul cakes.

Ghostly Activities

Ghost Pops

Ghost Pops – Turn a lollipop into a ghost pop!

Super Easy Ghost – Make a really easy ghost from a paper lunch bag.

Paper Bag Ghost – Make a boy and girl ghost out of a paper lunch bag.

Ghost in the Graveyard Game – Play a game of Ghost in the Graveyard…great for all ages.

Balloon Ghost – Make a ghost out of a balloon and a garbage bag.

Recycled Ghost – Make a ghost you can hang in a tree from recycled items.

Tissue Ghost – Turn a couple of tissues into a fun ghost.


Easy Gravestone – Make a gravestone from a cereal box. A rounded gravestone can be made with these instructions.

Haunted House

Haunted House – Make a haunted house out of a recycled milk or juice carton.

Halloween Windsocks – Decorate your trees in a Halloween way.

Fall Cut-Outs – Decorate your window or wall with a fall themed cut out.

Trick or Treat Bag – Turn recycled paper bags into a sturdy trick or treat bag.

Pumpkin Luminary – Turn a plastic milk jug into a pumpkin luminary.

Symbols of Fall Twist Balloons – Make Halloween icons from twist balloons.


Owls –  Learn about owls, dissect a virtual owl pellet, find links to other owl-related resources and get a few activity suggestions.

Bats – There are two different bat posts here on Fran’s World of Discovery: 
Bat Resource page.
Bats has 2 sound game suggestions in addition to a few extra links and a research question and the Bat Resource page has over 30 links that relate to bats on it.

Black Cats – Find out why black cats have a bad rep…and a good one!

Frog Research Project – Frog facts, research questions, lots of links to informative sites, activity ideas and videos.

Lizards – Resource page. Lots of links to information and activities for lizards.

Spiders – Spider resource page includes links to: An article about types of spiders and facts, information, identification chart home remedies, printables, and craft projects. Videos have also been included.

Halloween Resources

Halloween Resource Page – Links to the history of Halloween, candy, crafts, and more. NEW!

Happy Halloween!
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