Make & Fly Kites

Scholastic Activity: Make a Kite – Offers simple instructions for making a one
of a kind kite.

Cool Math: Kites – The properties of a kite: area, perimeter, interior angles, diagonals, length ect..

Wikipedia: Sport Kites: Info about sport kites aka stunt kites, also Kites: History of, materials, uses and more.

My Best Kites: Stunt Kites – Information for making and flying kites.

How Stuff Works: Kite Activities for KidsHow to Make a Tiny Straw Kite, and How to A Paper Kite for Kids – Make a Kite from a Lunch Bag

Skatch-Pad: Make Your Own Kite – Simple instructions for making a custom kite.

How to Make & Fly Kites – Offers instructions for 19 different kites.

NASA: Forces on Kites –  Explains aerodynamic forceKite Construction – Kite anatomy, and Kites – History of kites, types of kites, forces on a kite, and flying.

YouTube: Kite Playlist Learn how to make kites and how to fly them.
Here’s a sample video:

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