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  • Wildflower Research Project

    Wildflower Research Project

    As the weather warms up, and nature starts to awaken from its slumber, the beauty of the season begins to burst free. Much of that beauty is reoccurring in the form of wildflowers that can be found on the roadside or in private and public gardens. If you enjoy the colors and smells of Spring, […]

  • Fun With Corn

    Fun With Corn

    History.com Indian Corn: A Fall Favorite – Is Indian corn edible? Find out with this short article. Storing and Planting Heirloom Corn Daily Jigsaw Puzzles:  Fresh Popcorn Jigsaw Puzzle Game – How long will it take you to solve this online puzzle? MathisFun: Chicken Crossing Puzzle: Try to solve before looking at the solution! How […]

  • Roses


    Historical Information University of Illinois Extension: Our Rose Garden – Article includes historic and and botanical information about roses The Flower Expert: History of Roses – Offers some historical and legendary info about roses. Ancient Origins: Blooming and Fragrant History of Roses – Article includes information about the ancient origins and beliefs about roses. Country […]

  • Mushrooms


    *This post is for educational purposes only. The information included is not suggesting that wild mushrooms should be picked and eaten without an experienced mushroom hunter’s help. Gmushrooms: Mushrooms – What is a mushroom? Mushroom Facts – This site offers information about mushrooms. It also sells mushroom kits. (I am not part of any affiliate […]

  • Ravens


    Info All About Birds: Common Raven – Listen to a raven, learn where you can find them and more. Audubon: How to Tell a Raven From A Crow – Offers picture and sound comparisons. Mental Floss: 10 Fascinating Facts About Ravens – In addition to being very smart creatures, ravens like to have fun…find out […]

  • Lions


    Info Ducksters: Lion – Short, quick facts. A-Z Animals: Lion – Includes a fact chart and written information. Sheppard Software: Lions – This article offers a lot of information about the life of lions, and includes quite a few picture. Origami.me: How to Make an Easy Origami Lion Activity Tip: Use the origami lion as part […]

  • Squid


    Info Squid World– Squid Facts and Information Animals.net: Giant Squid – Quick facts chart, information, and pictures FactZoo: Colossal Squid – Largest Invertebrate, Largest Eyes of All Animals – Learn about the largest invertebrate in the world (that we know of). Videos Squid Egg Laying Egg And Babies Squid Hatching Process In The Ocean Monsters Of […]

  • Fun Ways To Learn At A Public Garden

    There are a great many benefits to walking through a public garden, and if you ever taken the time to visit one in your community or area, you know it can be a peaceful and relaxing place that leaves you refreshed from the experience. It is also a great place to give your observation skills […]

  • Plant Propagation

    Plant Propagation

    Better Homes & Garden:  Propagating Houseplants & Making More Plants From Cuttings – How to make more plants from plant cuttings. Gardening Know How: Starting Plant Cuttings – How To Root Cuttings From Plants – Types of cutting and how to root them. The Balance: Best Plant To Grow From Cuttings – 19 Plants that can start from cuttings. WikiHow: Plant Propagation: […]

  • Oysters & Pearls

    Oysters & Pearls

    Wikipedia: Oyster – Information about salt-water bivalve molluscs – types, anatomy, etc..Pearl – Information about the gemstone, pearl. Etymology, definition, physical properties, fresh and saltwater pearls, creation and much more. American Pearl: A Brief History of Pearls: How Pearls are Harvested – Article about harvesting pearls, early history of pearl harvesting, and caring for oysters before harvest. Sustainable Pearls: […]

  • Cranberry Resource Page

    Cranberry Resource Page

    Growing Information & Health Benefits of Cranberries Wikipedia: Cranberry – Growing information, food uses, and medicinal benefits. The World’s Healthiest Foods: Cranberries – Find out the nutritional value of this food. MedicalNewsToday: Cranberries: Article – Health benefits, nutritional content, and risks. Dr. Axe: Cranberries: Article – Cranberries Benefits Are Incredible – Includes nutrition facts, benefits, history and […]

  • Real World Science Skills

    Not only are we born mathematicians, we are scientists as well! Science is about exploration, observation, experimentation, comparing, questioning, predicting, timing, evaluating, measuring, preparing, drawing conclusions, theorizing, and many other things. Many of these skills are done so quickly in our minds, that we hardly take notice of it happening. Kids and parents can explore science […]