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*This post is for educational purposes only. The information included is not suggesting that wild mushrooms should be picked and eaten without an experienced mushroom hunter’s help.

Gmushrooms: Mushrooms – What is a mushroom? Mushroom Facts – This site offers information about mushrooms. It also sells mushroom kits. (I am not part of any affiliate programs.) cartoon mushrooms

Science Kids: Mushroom Facts for Kids – This page offers 15 interesting facts about mushrooms.

Mushroom: A Journal of Wild Mushrooming – Site offers information for learning how to learn about and collect mushrooms.

JustFunFacts: Interesting facts about mushrooms – Learn a variety of interesting facts about mushroom growth, nutritional/health information, and history.

Gardening Channel: List of Mushroom Types from A to Z– Site does not include pictures, but the name can be searched.

Suggested Activity: Purchase a mushroom growing kit and experiment with a variety of mushrooms.


Discovery – How its made – Mushroom Production

MUSHROOM | How Does it Grow?

How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms (Recipe Included!)

How to Grow Mushrooms

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