Fun With Corn

Posted by Indian Corn: A Fall FavoriteIs Indian corn edible? Find out with this short article.

Storing and Planting Heirloom Corn

Daily Jigsaw Puzzles:  Fresh Popcorn Jigsaw Puzzle Game

How long will it take you to solve this online puzzle?

popcorn fire and kettle

MathisFun: Chicken Crossing Puzzle: Try to solve before looking at the solution!

How many words can you make from the words:

Multi-Colored Corn

How quickly can you find the 9 words in this corn word search?

Corn Word Search

Color the Ear of Corn (Right click on the picture to save)Corn to color 1 Popcorn Project – Popcorn is a fun food with a long history. This post offers some fun and yummy ways to enjoy popcorn. The Three Sisters: Corn –  This post offers a corn bread recipe and links to fun corn related activities.

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