December Activities

Every month we make a list of the things we want to do, make and learn. Some things are done as a family, some are done individually. Since there are so many things to do this month, and so many events, we will do our best to get as much in as we can, as long as we find it enjoyable.

As a general rule, when we choose to do something, we make a day of it so we can take our time exploring and discovering all we can about each topic or activity. This is typical of the interest-based method of education we use. We choose a topic, write down what we want to learn about it, and any questions we may have, then brainstorm of some ways we can learn about the topic.

Below is a list of all the topics we would like to cover this month. Each topic/activity links within this site and is filled with ideas, activities, and resources and offers possible ways to explore it further. Pictures are included to show how we chose to enjoy each topic/activity whenever possible.

December is always extra busy in our home, so after we make a list of fun things to do as a family, we make an activity calendar to hold our list.

We look forward to allowing each activity to take on a life of its own, mainly because we find it more fun that way, and experience has taught us that the most learning happens when we are fully engaged in what we’re doing. We think of it as “Funschooling”.

Here’s a list of the things we are planning to do. If we don’t get to them this year, we will do our best to get to them another time.
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Note: Highlighted activities will link directly to the post.

Christmas/Holiday Activities

Ready to use…

  1. Make Your Own: Candy Countdown Calendar
  2. Christmas/Holiday House
  3. Santa Claus Activities – Santa Claus and elf related activities.
  4. Make Christmas/Holiday Cards
  5. Holiday Origami
  6. Word Games – December
  7. Reindeer Games – Reindeer Activities and Resources
  8. Chocolate Day – Chocolate Activities – Homemade hot cocoa, cocoa bubble bath, cocoa lip balm, an old fashioned chocolate egg cream and chocolate covered pretzels
  9. Make Holiday Gift Wrap – Make gift wrap out of simple household items.
  10. 3-D Ornaments Make 3-D ornaments from unusual and basic shapes.
  11. Snowflake Activities
  12. Winter Solstice
  13. Snowflake Activities
  14. Bird Watching Activities
  15. Word Games – December
  16. Star – Shape
  17. Christmas Trees – Information about Christmas trees, crafts and other activities. Includes links and videos.
  18. Silent Night – Resources for the song Silent Night. Includes links and videos.
  19. Charles Dickens – Learn about the man and read and listen to his works.
  20. Homemade Gifts for Pets – Treat and toy ideas for dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits.
  21. History of the Christmas Stocking – Resources Include: Links to explain the legend of the Christmas stocking and videos about the history of the Christmas stocking.
  22. Candy Canes – Resources include: Links to candy cane history and legend. Videos include the history of candy canes, how they are made and how to make them.
  23. Bells – Information about bells, including the history of  bells, how to draw them, printable bells, and bell related videos.
  24. Poinsettia Resource Page – Information includes: Facts, crafts, printable and coloring pages and videos.
  25. Gingerbread DayGingerbread Activities – Learn about gingerbread houses and get some ideas to make your own
  26. Fun Christmas Activities  –
  27. CandlesCandle information includes: The history of candles, candle making, and candle crafts. Videos offer information about the history of candles, how candles are made, candle experiments, and crafts, including how to draw them.
  28. Nutcracker – Listen to the original story or a shorter version, do a fun puzzle and watch how they are made.
  29. Yule Log – Learn about Yule and how to make a craft and cake Yule Log.

Winter Activities

  1. Winter Solstice
  2. Snowflake Activities
  3. Snowman Day – Snowman Activities
  4. Ice Activities
  5. Manatees
  6. Right Whales
  7. Penguins
  8. Pine Trees
  9.  Winter Puzzle Fun – Sleigh Ride

Other Activities

Look forward to…

  • Decorate the House Day – Decorate the House for the Holidays
  • Holiday Movie Day
  • Cookie Baking Day – Cookie Recipes
  • Christmas/Holiday Diorama
  • Christmas Around the World
  • Polar Express Day
  • Make Christmas/Holiday Gifts
  • Make Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles –
  • Christmas Song
  • Holiday/Seasonal Story
  • Holiday Decoration Contest
  • Holiday Newsletter
  • Homemade Gifts for Kids
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4 responses to “December Activities”

  1. Betty Jo Hendrickson Avatar

    FUN stuff, Fran, thanks for sharing!

  2. Fran Wisniewski Avatar

    You are most welcome! I'll be updating as often as possible…stay tuned!

  3. Lisa Nelson Avatar

    Wow, that's an extensive list. I'm pretty impressed, Fran. Your activities look like a lot of fun and very educational! I would love to learn more about Charles Dickens.Thank you so much for linking up with us at the #homeschoollinkup. I can't wait to see what you come up with through the rest of December.

  4. Fran W Avatar

    Thank you, Lisa! We are working hard to get it all in!

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