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  • Recycling Project: K-Cup Challenge

    Recycling Project: K-Cup Challenge

    How can these little cups be reused in fun, creative, and interesting ways? You will want to collect a whole bunch of cups, with and without holes, for this project. No K-Cups? Use a small Dixie cup, bathroom cups, or disposable shot glasses for the following challenge ideas. Here are your challenge areas, choose as […]

  • DIY: Springtime Word List

    DIY: Springtime Word List

    Spring is a time for renewal and awakening and many wonderful things happens as nature becomes more active. Capture the words of spring in a list or challenge yourself to create an A-Z Word List that can be used to make: Your own: Word search, word scramble, crossword, and fill-in puzzles. A nature walk word […]

  • Seasonal Recipe Challenge: Oatmeal Packet

    Seasonal Recipe Challenge: Oatmeal Packet

    This is meant to be an open-ended activity. No recipe is given, but suggestions and tips are offered. It is strongly recommended that you record what you do in some way: Video, writing, drawing, etc.. Tweak your recipe as needed, and when you come up with something you like, write it down in a homemade […]

  • Creative Inspirations: Winter Themed 2022

    Creative Inspirations: Winter Themed 2022

    This open-ended activity is meant to spark the imagination and get creative ideas flowing. Allow stories and activities to come together naturally and take on a life of their own. Get creative with the words: Ice Skates & Snow Ball Fight What can be done with the words? These words can be used alone, or […]

  • Word Hunt Puzzle #1

    Word Hunt Puzzle #1

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  • DIY Activities And Simple Tips That Help Build Reading Skills

    DIY Activities And Simple Tips That Help Build Reading Skills

    Never limit yourself. Never think you can not do it. It can be frustrating to build upon your skill level, keep going, it is totally worth it

  • Learning With Ordinary Household Items

    Learning With Ordinary Household Items

    Have you been looking for ways to make learning more interesting? Then you have come to the right place! The

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  • Fun Ways To Use Toothpicks As A Learning Tool

    Fun Ways To Use Toothpicks As A Learning Tool

    Toothpicks as a learning tool? Absolutely. The list below offers some ideas for using toothpicks as a learning tool, and includes activities for building flat and 3-D structures, using them as a writing or drawing tool,  making puzzles, doing tricks,  and for creating and playing homemade games. I’ve also included a video that shows how […]

  • Summertime Fun: August, Volume 1

    Summertime Fun: August, Volume 1

    Mini Marble Run – Make a mini marble run with straws and B.B.s   Creative Inspirations #3 – Take time to get creative with the two words offered for the month.   Soda Pop Project – Learn how soda got its start and make some delicious concoctions of your own! Bottle Roll Bullseye – An open-ended […]