Dough Thrower

Tony Gemignani, is an eight-time world pizza-dough tossing champion and has been featured on many shows

It’s amazing what some dough and a little practice can do!

Dough-Throwing 101: How to toss dough

You can begin by purchasing or making your own homemade dough. The following video has instructions for how to get started tossing dough.

How to toss pizza dough

You can read instructions here

Once you get the hang of tossing the dough around, try doing some tricks!

Dough-tossing tricks

The science of pizza tossing…..

What does pizza tossing have to do with science?

The following video talks about how scientists used the ‘perfect pizza toss’ to design micro motors thinner than a human hair.


The physics of tossing pizza

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