Snowflake Language, Social Studies, History and Geography Skills

SNOWFLAKE LANGUAGE SKILLS Snowflake Fun Page – Snowflake Words within Words suggestion, Word Scramble, Experiment, and other fun snowflake related things to do. (Available 12/23/21)
The Holiday Zone: Printable word search puzzle with words that begin with ‘snow’. There is a crossword puzzle on the same site with snow related clues.
Purple Kitty Yarns: Printable cross-word puzzle shaped like a snowflake.
Classroom Jr.: Printable Snowstorm Mad-lib
Words within Words: Word suggestions to play with: Snowflake, Snow Crystal, Snow Day, Snow Storm, Winter Wonderland

PuzzlemakerCriss-cross puzzle maker – Add your own snow-related words, and a clue to each one, to create your own criss-cross puzzle.
How do you feel about snowflakes?

Draw, write or talk about the way you feel about snowflakes. If you know what they look and feel like, then you have first hand knowledge about them, but if you have never felt or experienced snow, you may need to use your imagination to understand what they feel like based on what you have seen or read about them. Would you like to experience what a snowflake looks like and see them for yourself? Where would you have to go and how would you get there? What would it be like?

Wilson Snowflake Bentley

Smithsonian Institute Archives: Wilson Alwyn ‘Snowflake’ Bentley – Learn about the man who is believed to be the first to photograph snowflakes. Look for learning resources on the bottom of the page.

WikipediaSnowflakes – Explains what a snowflake is, how it is formed and what it symbolizes for some countries.

Frost Flowers in Finland – There is an phenomenon that occurs when conditions are just right. Find out what it is and how it happens.

What do snowflakes symbolize? – Scroll down the page for more snow related info.

What do snowflakes mean to you?

Write, draw or talk about what snowflakes mean to you. Create a poem, a story, or express your feelings/thoughts in some way. Consider using an audio/video recording device to do this activity.

How much does it snow in your area?

Here’s your chance to do some research to find out how much snow your area gets on average or has gotten in the past. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, find out what month and year had the most and least amount of snow, and in what year it happened. If you live in an area that gets little to no snow, find out when it last snowed, how much it has snowed at any given time and when it happened.

Find out where it snows the most in the world too!

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