Hula Hoop

Hula hoop structure by Fran W

Ancient Egyptian children rolled hoops with a stick and twirled them around their hips!

What can you do with a hula hoop?

With a little creativity and imagination, there are many things you can do with a hoop!

Here are a few you can try…

  • Twist it on your hips, arms, legs, chest, neck, wrists, and foot. Try this with more than one at a time too!
  • Twist a hoop or two to your favorite song. Try one fast and one slow!
  • Use it like you would a jump rope.
  • Add it to a dance routine that you create!
  • Play catch with it by rolling it to another person or play by yourself by rolling it so it comes back to you when you spin it just right.
  • Push a hoop along with a stick.
  • Use it to play a game of Bottle Toss or toss a hoop or two around a bottle filled with water, sand or dirt.
  • When you’re in the pool, take turns with a friend going through one or a few hoops underwater or let it float on top of the water and dive through it.
  • If you have multiple hoops, you can use them to go through or create an obstacle course with them.
  • If you have multiple hoops, put them together to form some kind of interesting structure such as the one depicted at the top of this post.

What do you like to do with a hula hoop? 

Share your suggestions with others by leaving a comment!

Research question…

What were early hoops made from?

When was the modern day hula hoop invented and who invented it?

Research Resources…

Inventors: Hula Hoop

Learn the history of the hula hoop including what early hoops where made of, when and who invented the hula hoop of today, and the origins of the name.

Learn How to Hula Hoop: Hula Hoop Basics 1:25 video

Watch hula hoop act performed at, Cirque du Soleil.

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