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Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, and published in 1818, was the end result of a suggestion made by the famous poet Lord Byron!
Lord Byron suggested that he and a couple of friends write scary stories and share them when they were completed. It’s hard to imagine that someone could invent such a fearsome creatures as Frankenstein’s monster, but Mary Shelley did it! Wouldn’t it be fun to create a scary or creepy character of your own? You never know, your story may become as famous as Frankenstein someday!

You’ll need one or more of the following items to do this activity:

Paper and pencil for writing, modeling clay for sculpting, craft foam, colored pencils, crayons, or markers for drawing, materials that will help you make a 3-D figure, makeup or face paint to create a character out of yourself or someone else, or a creative way to express yourself, and a place to daydream and think.

What to do…

Choose your favorite way to create your character.

Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • What’s your character’s name?
  • What is your character/creature?
  • What does your character look like: weird, spooky, normal, scary, creepy, etc?
  • Is it male, female, alien or something else?
  • What does your character wear?
  • Was this creature/character ever someone else, i.e. did it turn from being human or something else?
  • Does it turn into something else? For example, is it normal by day and turn into something else at night or vice versa?
  • If your character turns into something else, how does it happen? Does it need something to help it turn?
  • Is it mischievous, creepy, scary, spooky, crazy, clever, etc.
  • Where does it live?
  • Does it sleep? If so how, when and where?
  • What does it eat – if anything?
  • What is your character’s history?
  • How did it come to life or into being?
  • Does someone control it?
  • Is your character alone or does it hang out with someone/thing else like a mascot or a friend?
  • Can something hurt it; does it have a weakness?
  • What does it fear?
  • Who or what does it go after?
  • Can it be detected before it arrives?
  • Does your character possess some kind of unusual power? What is it?
  • How can it be destroyed?

Once you’ve designed your character/creature, think about…

  • Telling its story to a video camera.
  • Writing a book, a play, a movie script, or a comic featuring your creation.
  • Drawing a story board, a scene from your imagination, an illustrated story.
  • Sculpting or creating a 3-D figure of your character.
  • Making your creation come alive by turning yourself or someone else into the creature. 
  • Using a computer program to help you make your creation.
  • Use any combination of these suggestions.

After creating your character in some of the ways mentioned above, take pictures or videos of what you’ve done and consider sharing it with others.

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