Rounded Gravestone

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To make a rounded gravestone you will need:

Any cardboard box such as a cereal or cracker box
Gray acrylic paint (or mix black and white)
Black acrylic paint
Foam brush
Halloween themed foam stickers
White tissue paper
Hot glue
Optional: The template to make a rounded gravestone located at the bottom of this post.

Step 1: Open box
Step 1:  Open up the box up at the seams.
The non-printed side will be used for this project.
Re-crease the all of the edges the opposite way so that the box refolds easily.

Step 2: Make arch

Step 2: Cut arches on the top of the box.
Draw your arch on the box and cut it out in one whole piece. The template below can be used to help make the arch. Flip the cardboard cut out over and use it to shape the other side so that the two sides match up. Do not discard this template. Fold the box back up to make sure the sides match.

Step 3: Add extra piece to fill in arch
Step 3: Cut a long piece of the top of the box to cover the top of the arch.
Hot glue a long piece of cardboard from one of  the cut off arches in step 2 to the middle flap as shown above.

Front view of sealed box
Top view of sealed
Step 4: Fold up box and hot glue together.
Bring all of the sides together to reform the box, put a line of hot glue along each seam and close them together. Your box should look like the pictures on the left and right. If the top of your arch meets together easily, hot glue it closed.

Step 5b: Tissue covered box
Step 5a: Cover sides with 
tissue paper

Step 5: Cover your box with tissue paper to smooth out the rough spots.
First, cut a long piece of tissue paper the width of your box and hot glue it around the outside to cover the top and to smooth out the rough looking sides. Don’t worry about covering the bottom completely, it won’t be seen. Then, wrap the entire box in white tissue paper like a gift – 

all of the seams should go to the back of the box.

Once the glue cools, paint the whole thing gray with a foam brush. The wet paint will soak into the tissue paper and give the ‘stone’ a nice effect.

Finished project
Step 6: Adding
letters & icons
Step 6: Once the paint dries, apply your letters and icons.
Here are some suggestions:
Twist white tissue paper into long ropes, cut to desired length to form letters. Put them on with hot glue and quickly fix into place with a toothpick. Use your fingers or a cotton swab and a little black paint to cover the letters. Touch up mistakes with gray paint.
The picture to the right was done this way.

Tip: Damp fingers make twisting the paper much easier.

– Use hot glue to make letters and form words, then paint with your finger or a cotton swab.

– Paint foam letters and icons black and place them on the gravestone with hot glue.

– Paint your message on with a paint brush. This will not give you a 3-D effect, but it will still look great!

– Cut letters out of cardboard, paint them black, then apply them with glue.

Imperfection adds character to this project!

Make an Easy Gravestone too!

Arc template: To use: Click to enlarge, right click, and choose “Print”.

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