St Patrick’s Day Word List

If you made an A-Z list of St Patrick’s Day related words as suggested in the previous post, St. Patrick’s Day Fun Page, the words in the following list can be added to your list, if you haven’t already thought of the ones provided below, to do the activities suggested.

Discovery Educations has a free Puzzle Maker that can be used to make original puzzles.

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St Patrick’s Day Related Posts: Ireland – Resources include: Links to Geographical, historical, and cultural information. Videos have been included as well. Cabbage – Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, links to cabbage information. Fun Putty – How to make fun putty and fun things to do with it.

Irish & Celtic Folktales: Fairies – Sites about Irish & Celtic Folktales, with a focus on fairies.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities – Activities that can be found on

Shamrocks – Learn about shamrocks.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Page – Incorporate fun learning activities into your day.

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St Patrick’s Day Activities – The following sites will take you off, unless noted.