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Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities by Fran W. Thanksgiving – Connect to all the activities under this label to see a picture and begin reading the activity. Three Sister Mat An Introduction to the Three Sisters – Learn about the Three Sisters, companion planting and make a craft that features the sisters that […]

Harvest/Thanksgiving Lantern

Harvest/Thanksgiving Lantern by Fran W Make a lantern for harvest time, fall, and/or Thanksgiving! You will need…A clean milk carton, construction paper, craft knife, scissor, tissue paper, construction paper, glue, chenille stem, hole punch, pencil, ruler, glow stick Optional: Serrated knife, craft foam, any kind of stickers, push pin, […]

Fall Cut-Outs

Fall Cut-Out by Fran W. Fall cut-outs are a fun and creative way to accent a window or a wall.To make a cut-out, you will need: Construction paper, a craft knife, pencil, tissue paper, glue and tape What to do… Draw a picture on one side of your construction paper […]

Veterans/Remembrance Day

Learn More…Dept. of Veterans AffairsOffers an interactive map telling you where parades and community celebrations can be found across the US for Veterans Day.Wikipedia: Veterans DayGeneral info about the history of Veterans and Remembrance DayHistoryWatch more videos and read about Veterans and Remembrance DayEnchanted Learning: Veterans DayCrafts and info about Veterans DayFunschoooling […]

Two-Sided Diorama

5 Little Pumpkins Diorama We made this two-sided diorama based our favorite Halloween poem, ‘The Five Little Pumpkins‘. On one side, we showed the pumpkins sitting on the fence, on the other, we showed them rolling away. It was a fun project that could easily be based on […]

Halloween Themed Pizza

Ghost Pizza No matter what our dietary needs have been over the years, we have tried to find ways to make our favorite fun foods during the holidays. Pizza with a Halloween theme is one of those foods! Suggestions for alternate crusts for people who are gluten-free, on a […]

Create A 3-D Halloween Scene

3-D Halloween Scene by Fran W. A 3-D scene, or a diorama, is a creative way to express an idea, thought, experience, or tell a story. They can be made very simply or very complicated and detailed. They can also be interactive, stationary, or somewhere in between! It’s […]

Washington Irving – Research Project

Washington Irving was a successful writer and editor, born April 3, 1783, in New York City, New York, and is best known for his short stories which include, ‘Rip Van Winkle’, and ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’. Irving was America’s first internationally best-selling author who encouraged American authors […]

Create a Scary Character

Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, and published in 1818, was the end result of a suggestion made by the famous poet Lord Byron!Lord Byron suggested that he and a couple of friends write scary stories and share them when they were completed. It’s hard to imagine that someone […]