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12 Fun Ways To Learn At The Beach

If you are looking for a good excuse to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach, here are some fun learning ideas you can incorporate into your visit. Observe the wind and the waves. Talk to a fisherman or go fishing. Make sure you know your local regulations […]

Springtime Puzzle Fun

This Springtime publication has six (6) games, puzzles, and activities that can be played alone and with others.Activities include:– Spring Word Find– Springtime Words Within Words Game– Springtime A-Z– Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board– Springtime Guess My Word– Draw A Butterfly ActivityAlso included:Instructions for how to play Words within Words […]

Words Within Words Game – Printable Game

The Words Within Words Game is now available as a instant download in my Etsy Store: Funschooling PressWords Within Words is an open-ended game, that encourages players to observe, think, and create words with the letters offered in a single word, or a group of words.This is a […]

Shadow Puppets

Visual News: Vintage Instructions On How To Make Shadow PuppetsBlifaloo: Shadow Puppets – How to make shadow puppets with your hands. Printable Paradise: Printable Animal SilhouettesKidspot: Make a Shadow Puppet Theatre – Instructions and a video. Plus how make your own puppets.wikiHow: How to Make Shadow Puppets – Three methods are offered along […]

Hoop Toss

Sometimes the simplest items can make the day more fun.This activity requires only three items: a hula hoop, a length of yarn, and a ball.Outdoor Play: Hang a hula hoop from a tree branch and throw balls through it. Adjust the height of the hoop to make it […]

Hula Hoop Stop & Go

Here’s a fun family game you can play with a hula hoop and music. There are two ways to play: Version #1: Multiple Hoops – Give every player a hoop. Put on some music and ask everyone to use the hoop in some fun and safe way while the music […]

Ramp ‘N’ Roll

This is a fun game inside or out. Here’s what you’ll need….Outside Version: A flat plank of wood, a rock or two or a log, a playground ball and a target, such a box or a bucket.Inside Version: A strong piece of cardboard, books, a ball that can […]

Scented Bubbles

Bubbles are great to play with any time of the year, add a scent to them to make them even more fun!You can make scented bubbles in a variety of ways:Bubble Base: Make your own bubbles or use commercial.To make your own, experiment with good dish soap, water, […]

Hoop Challenge

Today, I’m offering you a challenge that includes any size hoop or ring! The object of this challenge is for you to do something creative with one or more hoops or rings. Here are the rules for the challenge…The hoop/ring can be any size.The hoop/ring can be made from any […]