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  • Spark of the Day: Santa’s Reindeer

    Spark of the Day: Santa’s Reindeer

    . Santa is looking for a reindeer to help pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve! You can help by creating a reindeer for Santa’s famous Christmas Eve journey!   To make the reindeer above, you will need: Your hand, construction paper, a shoe, markers or crayons, scissors, glue, pom-pom, and googly eyes Optional reindeer making […]

  • History of Thanksgiving

    Symbols of Thanksgiving by Becka V. Did you know…  Thanksgiving has been observed as a national holiday since Lincoln’s presidency! Activity: Make a Symbolic Thanksgiving Centerpiece You’ll need:  A recycled container (oatmeal, coffee can, vegetable/fruit can, etc.) Construction paper Scissors White glue Hot glue Symbols of Thanksgiving Basic craft supplies – paint, paint brushes, markers, […]

  • Spark of the Day: Eggshell Art

    Spark of the Day: Eggshell Art

    Eggshell Flowers by Fran W   Save your eggshells, they are great for arts and crafts!   To make eggshell art, you will need:   Eggshells from boiled or raw eggs – remove the inside membrane of raw eggshells Watercolor paints or food coloring Paint brush Water Glue Construction paper Pencil or crayons Newspaper Paper […]

  • Make your own: Bottle Cap Stamps

    Make your own: Bottle Cap Stamps

        Homemade stamps can be made with inexpensive materials and offer hours of creative fun! To make your own stamps, you will need: Bottle caps, foam stickers, markers or stamp pads, and paper Alternate method: Foam, scissors, and white glue What to do…..Using foam stickers:Pull the backing off of the foam sticker, center it […]

  • Santa Claus

    Santa Claus

    Did you know… Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Befana, Kris Kringle, Hoteisho, Sinterklas, and Saint Nicholas are just a few of the many names Santa Claus is known by around the world! Activity: Heart-faced Santa You will need: Construction paper, scissors, glue, cotton balls, large googly eyes (25mm), medium sized pink pom-pom, tape Optional items: Template located on […]

  • Santa’s Elves

    Santa’s Elves

    Christmas Shape Elf by Fran W. Did you know… Santa’s elves are magical beings that make toys and help around the North Pole!Activity: Make a Christmas shape elf You will need: Construction paper, scissors, glue and craft supplies such as pom-poms, glitter, buttons, jingle bells, googly eyes, markers, etc. Optional item: Template from Fran’s World […]

  • Make your own: Candy Countdown Calendar

    It’s a fun family tradition to count our way down to any one of our favorite holidays.If you enjoy counting down any of your favorite holidays, then here is a creative way to make your own seasonal countdown calendar! You will need: A large recycled cereal, frozen pizza, or cracker box Scissor Construction paper Pencil […]

  • Wild Turkeys

    Wild Turkeys

        Did you know…   Benjamin Franklin wanted our national bird to be a turkey! Today’s Activities: Hand and foot turkey and Writing with a feather   Activity 1:  Hand and Foot Turkey – Family Style You may find it interesting to look at these wild turkeys before you begin this activity.     […]

  • The Three Sisters: Introduction

    The Three Sisters: Introduction

    2009 US coin featuring Three Sisters Did you know… Native Americans called corn, beans, and squash the “three sisters”! Do you know the “three sisters”? The first sister is corn, she grows tall and strong and helps the second sister, bean, by allowing her vines to climb up her stalk. In return, bean gives corn the […]

  • Jack O’ Lanterns

    Photo by Jackins Did you know…Before coming to America, the Irish carved lanterns out of turnips and potatoes. When they figured out that pumpkins were easier to carve, they switched! Play a game of Pumpkin FaceAre you planning to carve some real pumpkins of your own? Before you do, have fun practicing making pumpkin faces […]

  • The Circle

    The Circle

    Bird w/flower Made with circles Did you know…The word circle derives from the Greek word kirkos Activity: Circle scenesYou’ll need: Round flat objects such as bottle caps, lids, or cups, pencil, colored paper, scissors, and glue Optional: Ruler Set up: Using a variety of round lids and objects, trace around them with a pencil onto colored paper and cut them […]

  • Fireworks


    Did you know… The Chinese invented fireworks in the seventh century. Activity 1: Write the Chinese symbol for ‘fireworks’ You will need: Watercolor paint, paint brush, paper and the Chinese symbol for firework Directions: Dip the paint brush in watercolor and practice painting the Chinese symbol on paper. Activity 2: Make a Decorative Firecracker What you will need: Toilet paper roll, tissue […]