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  • Leaf People and Creatures

    Leaf People and Creatures

        Turn the leaves you collect into people, animals, objects, and fun designs.You’ll need:   A variety of leaves that have been pressed, construction paper, glue, waxed paper, and heavy booksOptional: Wiggly eyes, yarn, colored pencils, watercolor and a paint brush What to do:   Hunt for a variety of leaves. Press the leaves […]

  • Leaf Prints and Leaf Stencils

    Leaf Prints and Leaf Stencils

        To make leaf prints or stencils you will need: A variety of paper: copy, construction, cardstock, small leaves: fresh or pressed, a paint brush, a clean sponge, food dye, water color, or non-toxic paint, bowl of water to clean brushes and leaves, and a paper towel to blot brushes and dry leaves, something to put […]

  • Fall Leaves

    Fall Leaves

    Did you know… Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color, carotenoid gives them an orange color, xanthophylls give a yellow color, anthocyanin gives a red color and tannin gives a brown color. Question… During the summer we see green leaves. Leaves change colors in the fall…or do they? How and why do leaves change colors in […]

  • Autumn/Fall


    Fall Leaves by Fran W. Autumn begins in the Northern Hemisphere between September 22nd and 24th each year, and as the green leaves fade away, we are left with the beautifully colored leaves of fall.  The weather will grow colder, signs for seasonal festivals and celebrations will pop-up around town, and before you know it, […]

  • Make Your Own: Scented Play Clay

    Make Your Own: Scented Play Clay

        To make your own play dough, you will need:   1c flour   ½c salt   2 tsp cream of tartar   1T oil   1c water   Optional:   1 package of flavored drink mix (w/o sweeter) Ex: Strawberry, fruit punch, grape, cherry, lemon, lime, etc.   Food coloring – Use as […]

  • Glowing Lantern

    These versatile lanterns are fun to make and display! To make one you will need…   Lanterns by Fran W A clean milk carton, construction paper, craft knife, scissor, tissue paper, black construction paper, glue, chenille stem, hole punch, pencil, ruler, glow stick Optional: Serrated knife, craft foam, any kind of stickers, push pin, craft […]

  • 4th of July – America’s Independence Day

    4th of July – America’s Independence Day

    The holidays are a great time to learn about history, people, places, events and seasonal foods! Celebrate the 4th of July with fun activities!   United States Flag – Find out about the flags of the United States and make one of your own.Declaration of Independence – Learn about and read the Declaration of Independence and find out about […]

  • Make Your Own: Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

    Make Your Own: Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

        Tic-Tac-Toe (Crosses & Naughts)Strategy games have been around for centuries and were often made with or from natural items.Strategy games are great for building critical thinking skills because players need to observe the game so they can block the other players and take advantage of moves in order to win the game. They’re […]

  • Make Your Own: Crafts from Repurposed Items

    Make Your Own: Crafts from Repurposed Items

    Before throwing something into the recycle bin or trash, think of crafty ways items can be creatively repurposed!  Luminaries are a fun craft project to make from clear plastic milk/juice/tea containers.   Save your egg shells, paint them with water color paints and make egg shell art out of them.   If your store still offers […]

  • Spark of the Day: Make an Easter Egg with a Surprise Inside

    Spark of the Day: Make an Easter Egg with a Surprise Inside

      Easter Eggs with a Hidden Surprise Inside by Fran W To make the Easter egg with a surprise inside, you will need… An oval, an outline of a chick, rabbit, or duck (available below), craft supplies including scissors, construction paper, a brad, glue, stickers, feathers and any other craft supplies you think you may […]

  • Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day

    Did you know… Over 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent in the U.S. each year! Today’s Activity: Make homemade Valentines Through the ages, people have made their own Valentines to give away. There are many different types of Valentine’s you can make and give to others. Here’s a list of some of the things […]

  • Winter Solstice

    Winter Solstice

    Did you know… The winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night of the year and marks the first day of winter! Activity: Make a luminary Help light your way during the longest night of the year! You will need… A clean plastic milk or water jug any size – see through works […]